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Faith is not substituting prayer for hard work- God is going to bless you through the works of your hands. It is what you have in your mind that God will put in your hands. God is never a dictator, he sees it as a violation of human interest and sense of worth and belonging, hence, blank cheque.

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There is no mouthwatering healing Jesus performed all through his lifetime without first delivering a blank cheque, although unofficial, to the ones with the ailment to fill before he knows what was expected of him to do. Their (the defected) ailments never exonerated them from having the privilege of filling a blank cheque, therefore, it all depends on them what to fill.

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Your past has nothing to do with the filling of the blank cheques offered to you (it’s always a privilege to change your bitter experience at the same spot). Nobody without a past. Everything we’re exposed to in life presents us with another variable lesson. Mistakes are a part of being human. Appreciate your mistakes for what they are. Your mistakes are important life lessons that can be learned the hard way.

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Your past is a part of you and cannot be separated, just accept it the way it is and move on. We all make mistakes, so just allow it to be behind you. We should regret of our mistakes and learn from them, but we should never carry them into the future with us. No athlete, on a race, that persistently looks back finishes strong or undefeated- concentrate on your future, it is the time to make a very sensitive decision about your life; don’t allow any distraction so as not to blame yourself at the end.

The moment you take responsibility yourself is when the learning process begins. When you admit your mistakes, you hasten your learning process. The most important lessons we will ever learn will be from the bad decisions we make. Blank cheque moment many a time, is a time to make something out of nothing.

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Faith move mountain. The master key to supernatural miracle is the weapon of faith. Your mouth is the tool that unleashes the silent belief lying within you. Tears alone cannot move God; desperation does not intimidate God; manipulations does not control God; Education does not influence God; faith is the only method that impresses God to activate miracles. Until you believe God can do it, he might not do anything tangible in your life.

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The question Jesus kept putting forward to the people with ailment was “what do you want me to do for you” or “would you like to be made whole?” Very crystal clear blank cheque! It is not a time to start telling stories about your deficiencies or how helpless you have been in the past, the answer is yes or no. For someone to deliberately ask you for what you need with all sense of seriousness, Two things are involved: either he has what you need or knows the way to link up with that which you need.

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The man at the pool of Bethesda engaged Jesus and encountered the long awaited miracle through the blank cheque. Destiny helpers don’t have latitude of time, engage them promptly and rightly. It was never recorded that Jesus visited river Bethesda twice, if the man had missed it that day, it might have taken him several years again to get healed. God visited Solomon once to ask what he needed to have a prosperous reign over Israel once all through the time of his reigning.

Jacob was privileged to dialogue with Angel once all through his lifetime which initiated his changed name which later turned to blessing for him. The daughter of Herodias that demanded the head of john the Baptist never had such privilege not until a blank cheque from the Kong was given to her, even though Herodias had been looking for a way to accomplish such mission of Hera because she was seriously embittered towards John the Baptist because of the truth he said.

Note that any blank cheque that is not anticipated will be regarded as accidental whenever it surfaces but an opportunity when it is anticipated. Any blank cheque that is not expected but surfaced can be wrongly engaged. Bear in mind that blank cheques can sometimes be impromptu, therefore, daily dress for life.



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