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Life is a choice; you can either live it or leave it I.e life is a jungle, you can either fight and dominate or hide and evaporate. Men who submit to self-pity often tend to lose their calling. Some unpalatable situations are needed to deliver palatable situations.

Our dissatisfaction can either be towards mortal beings or immortal being (God). The dissatisfaction we experience towards Mortal beings can stem from socio-economic factors, political factors, demographic factors, educational factors etc. We mostly complain a time simply because any of these above mentioned factors fails to operate in our favour and as such we are heavily dissatisfied. We get offended and react I.e we respond to the act. Offended people react (respond to what had been done to them not with the aim of proffering solutions) but we are expected to act (take a swift action to curb its negative effect on our relevance of existence).

Whatever people daily complain about is a problem (vacuum) that requires a solution and there is something you are loaded with that can solve a known problem- such is to give you entrepreneurial opportunities. Dive into actions that can match up your abilities with such known problems and get rewarded for solutions provided.

Sometimes, we are mostly dissatisfied towards God because he will never act b line with the mental position or conception of man- he does not work with man’s time zone; he is supreme, he determines how, when and why he needs to move.

God cannot be ordered around- he is a king. Many people are usually offended by God simply because his decision and movement in their decision in which they anticipate God’s swift intervention is not in tandem with their level of expectation of what he’s to do. Trials in your life will expose what is in your heart- whether the offence is towards God or others. Each time you expect a swift divine intervention and you do not get, watch your mind and your mouth.

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Apart from the blank cheques daily offered to man, he’s also entitled to another spectacular blank cheque- whatever he fills in this blank cheque has a great influence in determining man’s status, condition, and position, maybe, for the rest of his life. John C. Maxwell says “there is a choice you have to make in everything you do. So keep in mind that in the end, the choice you make, makes you.” Dress for life, don’t allow daily pressure to make you look unkempt for life and opportunities. Note that opportunities are usually camouflaged; opportunities you do not prepare for will pass you by unnoticed.

There are daily justifiable reasons to give up on yourself and pursuits but do not allow the rigorous process makes you lose attention on your purpose. Your purposes determine your pathways.

According to McClelland, a social psychologist in Harvard University, in his achievement motivation theory, he opined that persons with a high need for achievement tend to have the following characteristics:

  • Their need for achievement is consistent
  • They seek tasks in which they can exercise personal responsibility
  • They prefer tasks which provide a challenge without being too difficult and which they see as within their mastery
  • They want feedback on their results
    They are less concerned about their social or affiliation needs.

Victor H. Vroom in his theory of motivation called the expectancy theory believes that there are some factors involved in stimulating an individual to place effort in something, since this is the basis of motivation. He concluded that there were three of such factors, each based on individual’s perception of the situation. These are:

  • Expectancy: the extent of the individual’s perception, or belief, that’s particular act will produce a particular outcome
  • Instrumentality: the extent to which the individual perceives that effective performance will lead to desired rewards
  • Valence: the strength of the belief that attractive rewards are potentially available.



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