Truth- the unnoticed container of greatness

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Nobody becomes great without knowing the truth, whether singular or multiple truth. The truth you know will make you known- if you long to be great in life, you have to search out and know the unknown (truth) that is capable of affecting lives positively that other doesn’t care about.

The amount of truth you know will determine your position- truth defines our condition and position. The truth you don’t know cannot work for you; the amount of exploit you make is dependent on the amount of truth available at your disposal. Note that the position and condition you find yourself is a function of the amount of truth you’re exposed to and not a function of the situation surrounding you.

Your friends give you comfort while your enemy give you future says Mike Murdock but not until you understand the basic truth about your enemies, they will always be seen as stoppages on your pathway to greatness.
Until you have access to the hidden truth, the amount of greatness and relevance you can experience in life is bounded. Truth can successfully change your status from what you’re to what you should be within a twinkle of an eye. The amount of success you can achieve is transient or limited if the amount of truth available to you is dearth in supply.

No man moves up the academic hierarchy without being exposed to newer truths. If your life seems redundant, unyielding and unappreciated almost always, there is something you should know (stop claiming it is normal) that you seem to be less concerned about at the moment- there is something unique about every being on earth.

There’s a message of truth God has given you to preach unto this generation; do not conform with the ideology of the world because you want pseudo relief, mouthwatering rewards or simply because of the adverse reaction of the society of people your message speaks against.
Until you know your enemy, you do not know the weapon to use or where and when to use the weapon you have. Note that not all battles can be destroyed by the same weapon. David’s brothers alongside other armies failed in their battle against Goliath and his men not because they were not trained soldiers but because they faced Goliath with the wrong weapon- bows, arrows, spears and swords. The entire body of Goliath was fully protected such that none of their weapons could penetrate in but David identified the truth (opened forehead) that none of them could notice, then, he engaged it to bring down the great and mighty Goliath cheaply.

The kind, amount and gravity of success you command is dependent on the amount of truth you know. Until you know the truth, nothing is working for you. Note that until you know the way predestined for you to journey through, any other way you attempt to journey through in order to hasten up your process to fulfilment like every other person will end up putting you in unwanted troubles that may sap your relevance or terminate your life untimely of unexpectedly.

Bear in mind that the only way to test the supernatural efficacy of any divine truth you are exposed to is by engaging it. The money you’ve failed to invest can never yield return; the cutlass you’ve sharpened and failed to use can never deliver result; the potential of a seed in bringing forth new trees that are capable of producing many other fruits of their kinds cannot be known while being kept in a room (confinement) but until it is buried in the soil (engagement). Prophecy (truth) will never materialize until there’s a proper alignment for its actualisation- the truth you know but do not engage cannot work for you.

There are many great things embedded in you that no prophet will tell you about but you are to discover it yourself. Note that nothing will seem to work for you until you know who you are because your identity is meant to directly determine your affinity I.e. your lifestyle, the kind of friends you keep, the type of society you’re found. Note that Abraham’s greatness never manifested until he came out of his country, kindred and family but that doesn’t mean until you go abroad before your life can ever go broader and staying local doesn’t mean you will live a local life. Jesus’ identity was never revealed until the three disciples were separated with him to the mountain. Until you surrender that which you’re to let go, what belongs to you might not be delivered unto you.



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