Sacrificial Love – If I Perish I Perish

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In the time of prosperity and success, even a wicked man will seem kind and generous. Under the heat of trials, the impurities surface. Bear in mind that it is very difficult to know a fool when he’s yet to speak or when he remains silent. True love brings joy and fulfilment in spite of the condition. And joy connotes a lifestyle that satisfies the commandment of Jesus, positively impact others around you and finally brings you to the fulfilment of the reason of your existence. Love is more than a mere affection but a lifestyle because it daily communicates our understanding about the act of love.

Absolute love entails risk taking. Note that if your love only blossom in the moment of bliss and progressively dwindles in the moment of affliction, what you practice is not love but business- love entails giving without any expectation of return while business attracts economic gains.
Going to the inner chamber of the king without being called in the land of Babylon during the reign of king Ahasuerus was nothing but embarking on a suicide mission except for the ones the king stretch out his staff towards.

Haman just got his intention to execute the whole of the Jews in the land of Babylon approved by the king and for this counsel not to stand, Esther had to go in to deliberate on this matter with the king, even though she’d not been called. Does Esther really know what she was about? This move of hers attracts a death penalty, if the king fails to stretch out his staff towards her.
At this junction of life, Esther was ready to endanger her life because of the Jews since she’d not been called. God is not cruel; he cannot allow his righteous to suffer in the hands of the ungodly. The test needed to certify the love of Esther was cloaked in the threat of untimely death against the Jews by Haman.

Note that in the moment of test, the examiner usually keep silent until the time allocated for the test expires. The test of absolute love was not basically after the Jew, although directed to them, but after Esther — A time to proof her love. The uproar of Haman against the Jews was a tool to put the love of Esther and the influence of her position to test. The coming of Naman was to put the integrity of Gehaz to test. Won’t you misbehave against God and his people if you are promised some mouthwatering gifts?

No love can be solidly established without the test of affliction. Esther was ready to risk her life for the salvation of the Jews- she could never tell if it would be in her favour or not. If we do not risk being hurt, we cannot give unconditional love. Unconditional love gives others the right to hurt us. Note that God sometimes test his servants with obedience, he might deliberately place us in a situation where the standard of religion and society would appear to just our actions. The time of affliction is a time to display absolute unity which is also a proof of love.

In a place where unity is missing, love and success also become a sojourner.

The uproar of Haman was to draw the Jews more intimately to God and to increase their affection towards other affairs.

The statement of Esther, “If I perish, I perish” connotes that Esther was ready to take absolute risk all to ascertain the needed salvation.

David also did the same. What a sacrificial love he had for the people of God (Israel). He counted his life, belongings and achievement as nothing if it will have no good impact on people.

Compassion is the womb for doing good and an act is called good if it will bring joy, enhancement, fulfilment, release, victory, solution and breakthrough to people- Richard Ologbonyo

He was ready to risk his life in order to ascertain the much-needed salvation at that point in time. Our love is not complete if it is only done in words. Immediately he heard about the news of the giant Philistine that was defiling the people of God, his act of love could not bear it. He counted his life as nothing and went to confront the Philistine and God gave him victory.

What power could not achieve in days, love conquered it in hours. The giant Philistine asked David impliedly “Are your parents ready to mourn you” but David replied “I have not come with the same weapons as others but the greatest weapon, love, and you will see how the weapon operate today because it will cheaply destroy you.” Note that the coming of the giant Philistine was to put the love of David to test.

The uproar of king Nebuchadnezzar against the three Hebrews was to try their love. God already made a provision for the fourth man in the fiery furnace but it remained undisclosed to them.



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