Sacrificial Love- If I Perish I Perish 2

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No position of authority is sufficient to exempt any man from any affliction that will certify him for the anticipated development. Any love that evades the test of affliction is raw and can end up bringing you great war.
What you need to rule is not power but love. When you rule by power, people will see themselves as slaves and slaves, by their ways of life, are conditioned to do what they do because they have no choice, even when they are not pleased but loves makes everyone feels at home and do things without little or no command because they see the need for it. Love can rule/command anybody irrespective of diversities.

Joseph rules his brothers by love and not by power. They were forced to sell him into slavery because they never wanted him to rule over them. But at the end when they found him again, and he had become great, they trembled, but instead of him to revenge, he showed them absolute love and that alone made them to be more loyal to him than what it could have been initially. Showing absolute love to your most deadly enemy can turn them to your loyal servant and the much-needed source of information to your anticipated destination. Your enemies can be more loyal to you than any other closest person at the moment if absolute is shown to them.

David won the heart of the allies of the enemies that enslaved his people when he was away, and he even got the much-needed information regarding how to locate the enemies through his act of love. Love can cheaply put you in position of power but power cannot help you to give absolute love but it gives the ability to prove your love. Jesus got the power over the whole world through love and not power. He does not show up on earth to Lord himself on the earthly creatures, but he has to first show us love, even when we are yet to realise our offences, by giving up his life for our iniquities to obtain an undeniable salvation for mankind.

Sacrificial love entails giving and giving that will cost you a lot such as forgiveness, helping hands etc. Note that you do not forgive people because they deserve it, but because you have a destiny you preserve and your nature abhors keeping offences.

Love took Jephthah out of the wilderness to the throne. His brethren sent him away from them because he was a child from another woman and that he might partake of the property of their father. He was given nothing- he had no place to go, no friends to run to and the contingent plan he could make was to move to an unknown land. He made new friends forcefully; human beings, animals and others. His lifestyle suddenly changed. What a dilemma!

These same set of people that conspired to send him away were now presented with a problem that require them to get a person that will lead them to the battle field, if at all, they must win there and not be enslaved by their adversary. They’ve earlier been to a man to request his help in leading them to the war front, but he requested that their right eyes be removed and be delivered to him before their request to lead them to war can be granted. All they needed do at this point was to return to Jephthah that they’ve earlier sent away. They thrust him out by their own hands because they never wanted him to share out of their inheritance.
Jephthah had every reason to turn them down when they came to her for help. They belittled his existence. They counted him as nothing and here is an opportunity to make them suffer for what they had done unto him. Do not look down on anyone except you’re bending down to pick them up. Jephthah refused to pay them with the same coin because he was overruled by loved. He had to endanger his life in going to the war for the same set of people that almost made the validity of his existence vaporize while he was still living. His sacrificial love ended up bringing him to throne to rule over people that had earlier chased him away.

Note that until the world know that you care, they will never care about what you know

Bear in mind that absolute love entails risk taking and some painful sacrifices but it is usually paid-full at the end. John Bevere wrote “It is easy to love those who can do no wrong in our eyes. That’s honeymoon love. It’s another thing to love someone when we can see faults especially when we’ve been victims of them.” Note that you are not to love people for who they are (because that will always get you offended- only those you care about can hurt you. You expect more from them; after all, you’ve given more of you to them. The higher the expectations, the greater the fall) but love them for who God had made you- son of love.

No matter how holy, reserved and diligent you are, you will surely have a reason to be offended towards human at some point after all, you’ve given them more of yourself but what you’re paid with in return is not worth it. Note that such as only appeared to test your maturity in handling offences and this will only make you to react. Offended people react to situation and do things that appear right even though they are not inspired by God.



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