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Battles of life are not mostly won by power but by wisdom- most warriors have cheaply become prey to the battles of life and the reason is that they largely trust in the potency of their physical weapons which are mostly useless in bringing them the needed victory. Battles of life are not mostly physical wars that can be confronted in person because it is mostly attached yo emotions and visions. It is only fought by wisdom and faith and not by powers and physical weapons.

Whenever a provision is to be made, mostly at the peak of every tensed situation, to cheaply bring the needed change to man’s status or to get him relieved of his problems, what is mostly offered to man is a blank cheque. The timing of its delivery is not fixed; it can be in the midst of acute challenges or inexplicable euphoria, therefore, it takes wisdom to decipher and make the most needed request.

A blank cheque is a cheque with the amount left for the person cashing to fill in or a situation where freedom of action is given to someone.

Every human irrespective of tribes, nationalities, background or status, is daily presented with blank cheques, it is now left for the bearer to fill in whatever he thinks his need is. Note that your status does not directly determine the kind or size of the cheque given to you as the same kind of cheque is daily available to every man.

Stop justifying your inabilities in the past whenever a blank cheque is handed over to you — just dive into doing the needful.
No matter how scruffy everything parades itself in your life, life still has a way of presenting blank cheques unto every man but the moment sometimes go unengaged by many because it is mostly cloaked of embedded in a time of intense happiness or sadness — sometimes, a moment where men find it difficult to think rightly, and many even never anticipated its coming to make demand.

Note that destiny helpers, many a time, are plagued with insufficient time — you must learn to engage them rightly and promptly whenever they surface. Most of them do not spend much time — thy immediately leave the scene once their roles have been fully performed; they do not have latitude of time, they can’t be with you all the day long or forever. They have a time duration to spend, stop coercing people whose time with you have expired to maintain relationship with you- that will only amount to problems, it’s like packing dirty rags with clean cloths and the clean cloths will also get dirty automatically.

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Many people missed the only opportunity needed to be eternally great because hey do not have vision and the vision you don’t have you can’t pursue. How do you go about the blank cheques daily given to you? It is very easy to miss the opportunity to be great if you are void of plans that daily navigates your movement. If you are given a blank cheque today, with your name on it, what will you fill in? The only opportunity you need to change your life and status completely might not surface in time of bliss but in affliction, and it might even be camouflaged, how do you intend to engage it to deliver your anticipated future? It is very easy to spend on frivolities when you don’t have a list of purpose you daily live for.
Every human background is never a factor in determining whomsoever is at advantage in receiving a blank cheque — it is daily available to every mortal. Both the rich and the poor, the able and the physically impaired, the literates and the illiterates, males and females and many more daily have access to blank cheques.

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Life will not automatically deliver to you whatever you think you deserve but you are expected to demand what you think you’re worth from life. If life automatically delivers anything that is below what you are worth to you, it might turn you to an angry adult (believing that life is cruel) and if life also delivers anything above you to you, it might outweigh or waste you, therefore, blank cheques are daily given to every man to demand whatever they think they are worth.



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