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Never attempt to live your life like a person that has no purpose he lives for — stop justifying your ineffectiveness and inefficiencies through unhealthy excuses ; nobody is ready to welcome your excuses for failing.

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You have the same opportunity to become great like any other person. You have no excise for becoming a mediocre, it is what you have deliberately filled on your blank cheques that you receive from the bank of life.

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Stop wasting away like any other person do what is important now before it becomes urgent, time is too expensive to joke with. Those that have vision and purpose they live for do not waste time on frivolities like every other person- they are never every other person, they take charge of their life.
You can choose to keep blaming anybody for your inability to become great in life, be it parents, government, economy and more but note that when the tenure of the ruling government expires of that of your parents (when you are no longer under their tutelage) you might still remain strong in health but if you fail to perspicuously deal with situations under that strong affliction, you might end up struggling with life.

God’s not cruel, he loves everyone. He allows the same sun, rain, moon, weather and season on both the wicked and the faithful, it is now left for you to decide what you want to plant on your farmland. Note that you can’t harvest the fruits of the seeds you don’t plant. All fruits are not planted in the same season.

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According to the economist, it is generally believed that human needs are insatiable compared to the amount of resources available for the satisfaction of those urgent and emergent needs. This simply means that all the recipes of greatness and success will not always be available, it is left for you to decide to either allow such occurrence push you forward or pull you backwards. Even if you fail, fail forward, also when you fall, try to pick some lessons while standing up.

No matter how satisfied an individual might be at some points in time, as time passes by, another fresh need emerges and this frequently give rise to entrepreneurial opportunities. Entrepreneurial opportunities are vacuum that exists when a need is to be satisfied and the available options cannot successfully satisfy such needs.

Whenever our perceived or current situation is below our expected situation, the resultant effect is usually complaints. Complaints is an expression of dissatisfaction. Our emotion becomes aggravated because the reason we long to attain that state of life becomes jeopardized, hence, complaints.

Nobody can do what you can and if anybody can can do what you can exactly the same way, then your essence and presence on earth is not needed. Every man is a custom-made and a solution given to this planet. He that lacks self-respect can never appreciate himself but rather condemn himself in everything.

No man is a problem except for the ones that have failed to identify their purpose on earth. When you are out of the will of God, you will not be a blessing or help to anyone. Limitation is not a function of your condition but a function of your decision.



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