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Blank cheques are daily given to us in form of unquantifiable privileges given to us to see the light of another day, it is bow left to us to determine whatever we choose to achieve with it. It is a privilege to imprint anything we want on the cheques daily given to us.

The same twenty-four (24) hours is available to everyone — whatever thing you think to be paramount to you is what you daily dive to imprint on the cheque. It is easy to demand rightly from life through hard work daily when you have a purpose you live for and this is daily reflected in the ways your life is coordinated. Many people never knew that the privilege to see a new day is a blank cheque — it’s another privilege to demand what you want from life and whatever you daily demand from life will determine how early you will get to your destined end- to demand rightly from life daily, you must be utterly consumed by your vision.

To take a risk to do something that involves the possibility of injury, damage, harm or death is only propelled by love- if you don’t love what you do and do what you love, there is no chance of succeeding. What people want for you isn’t important but what you want for yourself. Nobody can hinder you from doing what you want, if that’s what you set your mind to do. You don’t have anyone to blame but yourself- nobody else makes you fail.

You have no excuse for failing — if anybody can do it, you can do it better, simply because you’re smarter than just anybody. Don’t worry about ‘everybody else.’ The world is full of ‘everybody else’ but only a few makes significant achievement. Failure is not a crime, as anybody can fail but never end up becoming a loser (I.e. giving up). If anybody can become great and vastly known in a difficulty plagued society, why should you allow such limitation to be your point of reference in justifying your inability to succeed.

Your condition is never a function of your limitation but a function of your decision

Success begins with striving, then surviving and from surviving to thriving which now ends up in soaring. If you ignore pain when and where it is necessary, you will lose the gain that follows thereafter and might even end up being ashamed. Stress is part of success. Life daily gives blank cheque – the same situation you daily complain about is also the same that birthed the greatness of many; it’s all about what you deliberately demand from life situations. You can choose to be limited or limitless.

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Life is a chance — either to be a noble mediocre or an unforgettable city mover. The cheque is in your hand, you’re to fill it. Parents sometimes, maybe at our tender ages, try to influence (assist in making decisions) whatever we fill in at that stage of life because we are not expected to get it right at such stages, therefore, their inputs are heavily needed. And that’s why parents mostly long to give us strong moral education, religious education, formal and financial education and many more at this stage so that by the time we are left alone yo start demanding from life in their absence, we will make the best decision. Every section of life presents us with a blank cheque- your priorities will directly determine your demand.

God is never an intruder — he respects human decisions most especially when it is done in unity. There’s nothing great God can do in a man’s life without the man’s consent — there are many things God is capable of doing that he won’t do in your life because you granted him no permission.

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Everybody on earth deserves nothing but the best because we are all equal in all manner of creation (created as kings- rulers) but it will not be delivered to anyone accidentally. It will be delivered based o your perception of what you think you’re worth with respect to your demand through the blank cheques offered d to you. Success does not manifest accidentally — it only comes to those that are prepared for its presence.



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