Appear before the king, but not without your royal garment 2

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Praise is not done except something had been done, hence, victory. Praise symbolises that something unusual has been done. God cannot order you to praise him when he’s not done something great in your life but because you’re yet to see its manifestation, you find it difficult to dive into action. Even though you’re going through turbulent times at present and God demands you to praise him, it is a signal that he’s given you an all-round victory but the victory might not materialise until the garment of praise is worn- faith is the only tool to concretize the unseen.

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Victory precedes praise; praise comes with obedience and obedience with absolute trust. Trust is an element of faith. Faith is believe, trust and confidence in God; it is standing on the unchangeable word of God. Note that not until you start releasing the word of Faith, you can’t get the signature of God. No finger of God will touch you unless on faith- faith means it’s been done by God.
Praise is the only medium to automatically call down the host or government of heaven to take control of the earth. A man without faith doesn’t have absolute rest- they worry about everything. Heaven produces everything on earth, therefore, if nothing is working for you on earth, call the heaven.

Faith is not living a fake life but provoking the supernatural act of God to manifest in the natural. You can pray amiss but you can’t praise God amiss. The most recognised and highly recommended weapon of war by the host of heaven is praise.

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No bastard can praise the father but a true son and daughter. Every bastard believes that praising their father is to be done on the platform of meritocracy and since their father had not earned it or down something of worth or value for them that should warrant such return from them to him, then he’s thief that is only longing to reap where he’d not down anything.

It takes praise to raise God from his throne to swing into action for mortal pressing needs. Prayers can move God’s hands but praise can move God’s person. Praise is a spiritual warfare instrument. It devours a raging battle faster and easier than sword, arrow, and spear. Praise is meant for winners, victorious and conqueror. It indicates two things: that you’re a man of faith, and victory is ascertained.

Esther came from a priestly background, therefore, she understands the practice right from the beginning. She made the entire Jews to raise an altar of prayer (request) in unity at the outer part of the chamber (in their respective camps) while she went to the inner chamber (which may represent the holy of the holies in the Tabernacle of congregation) in her priestly attire (Royal apparel) to discuss with the king (in accordance with the order and practice of the office of a priest). The process adopted by Esther was never different from the practice in the world of the priesthood. The entire people stay outside the tabernacle of congregation while making their requests known and the priest then go in to the tabernacle to make sacrifice to the king of kings. The priest dares not go in to the tabernacle in just an ordinary cloth but priestly garment, likewise, Esther never went in with just any garment but her royal garment.

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Do not appear before the king without your garment if you must win his heart and receive immediate answers to your request.
Praise can break any long written and established protocols. Esther engaged it by putting on her Royal apparel and it worked for her; Jehoshaphat engaged it and it worked likewise David.



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