Appear before the king, but not without your royal apparel

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Royalty calls unto royalty. To receive royal treatment, you have to put on royal apparel. Nobody can treat you royally if you’ve failed to parade yourself as one even though you’re from the family- it takes understanding your identity and living it out before you can attract the right treatment.

No ordinary person dares wear royal apparel except for those that belong to the family of royalty and whenever they put it on, many a time, it enthuses the one on the throne because it reflects his magnanimity since you do that which pleases him.
For any man to cheaply engage the heart of the king in his favour, he needs to first and foremost put on the royal apparel before he appears before the king.

Esther changed the status quo of the land of Babylon by engaging the principle that no one had ever discovered for years and that brought her blessing instead of death. Esther had to ignite the affection of the king towards her first before any displeasing matter could be presented before the king. She never dressed shabbily simply because of her bundles of emotion; her outward appearance was never a reflection of what was actually running through her mind at the moment. She had every reason to allow emotion heavily bind her liveliness and radiance because no being will that’s full of emotion will hear the day of his death sentence and become elated- it will naturally turn the person to a walking corpse. Esther was not dismayed, even though she was, she had to put herself together of this battle must he won.

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In spite of what Esther and her family (Jews) were going through, she had to dress royally (even though the situation surrounding her at present had given her every reason to dress shabbily) in order to attract the attention of the king. If we must win the heart of the king (God) in defeating the battles confronting us, we must learn to put our problems aside first and put on the Royal garment (Praise) before we appear before the king (God).

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The king must first be enthused if we must gain his undivided attention. What was confronting the entire Jews at such moment doesn’t give room for any of them to dress gorgeously but scruffily, even to the extent that the entire Jews with Mordecai wore sack cloths but for Esther that was to go in to the king on their behalf, she must not be found wanting of her garment of priesthood.
There’s virtually nothing you’re going through in life that should make you ridicule God or deprive God of undiluted praise because this is the only way to gain the heart of the king of kings in attending to your needs. What is happening in several parts of the world and even around us has given many people justifiable reasons to overlook God’s importance or give him undiluted Praises. God’s supreme. You don’t stop breathing because you can’t see the air, likewise, you’re not to stop worshipping or believing God just because of your current situation or because you can’t see God.

“God tests his servants with obedience. He deliberately places us in situations where the standard of religion and society would appear to just our actions”

If you don’t know how to praise God in the midst of tensed challenges, you don’t have faith. God’s never a failure; he is faithful. If he’s failed to give you what you want, it means he wants to give you what you need, or he has something better than what you want to deliver to you or he’s only taking care of one of your most pressing needs that you never took cognisance of. God answers our prayers daily but the timing of its manifestation varies. Exact time you expect a swift divine intervention and you don’t get, watch your mind and your mouth.



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