68 Quotes from “Roadbeds for Fulfilment”

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Author: Gbenga A. Babatola

Compiled by: gbengacornerstone

Success is not an end but a means to an end; it’s only a reflection of a goal set and achieved

Vision and dream are the seal to realities
The greatest attack that can happen to a man in life is to abandon his vision and start doing things at random because it won’t work

Never attempt to pay a ridiculous price in exchange for destiny. The price your engagement can pay you in exchange for your fulfilment is totally absurd; it’s not worth it. Note that such price is too meagre for anyone to accept in exchange for his eternal destiny

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The fact that sin entices thee and you consented does doesn’t make you go unpunished

Any abortion performed by any man is nothing but a vision successfully destroyed and a solution that was happily terminated
Abortion is an executed conspiracy against the heritage of God

No pregnancy is unwanted, you called for it, and its a rare privilege to have the heritage of the lord in your custody

The children you have failed to train today will trade your integrity for material gains or immediate satisfaction in the future

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Leadership roles have been left in the hands of many infants in several organisations today because they believe that they are physically fit and this connotes that plethora of mistakes and problems are bound to occur

The moment you give attention to how great your enemy is, the easier it is for you to fail but rather learn how to finish your enemy irrespective of its size

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God has a productive life for you, a life of meaning and purpose that will make a difference in another lives and his kingdom, who will thereafter impact others

No matter how crowded the earth might be with successful people, there’s still a wide room for your manifestation

If you’re not loaded, you’re not needed. You’re on this planet because you possess unique solutions to the problems facing this generation

If you want to see the failure of a man of God, let him go to the place God had not sent him

God foreknew every tribulation you’re going through at present before you were born, and he knows you will be able to overcome the challenges and that makes your essence on earth crucial

You’re too broke to single-handedly finance the purpose of God for your life

When you discover what God had deposited in you and you use it to faithfully serve God, he will surely decorate you

Until you’ve discovered the message given to you to preach to the world, you cannot discover your audience and when you have no audience, you are far from recognition
Warriors are never scared of war. In fact, they are always joyous whenever they hear the sound

No matter how loaded with solutions you might be, if you rule out God in your decision, you are bound to have a groundbreaking failure

The attention of many people are easily diverted away from the chasing of their set goal because it is never seen as a treasure (Gold)

If you’re lackadaisical about chasing little goals, you will never be spared of portraying the same attitude when you are at an advantage in chasing and acquiring something enormous

The fact that a goal is minute does not make it unattractive or unimportant to chase; the insignificance of a thing does not equate to its uselessness

He that jettison his pursuits because of challenges had explicitly succeeded in sacrificing lots of blazing future on the altar of self-sympathy

Stop imitation! You don’t live for the same purpose, you’re designed for different audience

Your future determines the kind of challenges your life attracts

Whenever the devil is on a mission to cut short your life span or the longevity of your relevance, he grants you the morale to ridicule your parents while you even feel justified by your conscience

God’s not meant to be a part of your life but the centre of your life; the pivot. Without the pivot, scissors cannot achieve any of the purposes for which it’s created

No man can easily win the heart of men if he’s not a solution or the link to getting the anticipated solution

Marriage is covenant and not a promise. Never attempt to choose your life partner haphazardly, find a potential partner who believes in covenant

If you have not understand your purpose (God’s purpose), never rush into marriage. There must be an agreement between your life purpose and the person you’re getting married to.

No matter how spiritual you parade yourself, if you are yet to do away with lies, you’re still a hired agent of darkness because you manifest his works

In a place where truth thrives, professional and age-long successful marketers of lies are usually magnanimous failures

If your life is disorganised and full of several untold stories, it means the truth about such life is yet to be located- the only thing that puts a life in shape is nothing but the truth

Application of cosmetics can package you for a first class level of attraction and acceptance but if truth is missing in your baggage of beauty, your value will depreciate faster than fixed assets

Peace becomes an expensive commodity to acquire for a man when lies take the ruling authority over his life

There’s no disease that’s as deadly as sadness. If you want to swiftly and silently kill a lively man, forcefully take that which persistently gives him joy



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