40 Quotes from ” The Law of Recognition”

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Author: Mike Murdock

Compiled by: Gbenga A. Babatola (a.k.a Gbengacornerstone)

  • Small changes can create a great future. Small keys unlock golden doors
  • Anything unrecognized becomes uncelebrated. Anything uncelebrated becomes u rewarded. Anything you refuse to celebrate eventually exists your life.
  • Life is governed by law
    – The law of promotion teaches- you can only be promoted by someone whose instruction you have followed
  • – The law of production indicates- you can only reproduce what you are
  • – The law of seeds reveal- whatever you have in your hand will create anything you want in your future
    – The law of recognition teaches – everything you need in your life is already in your life merely awaiting recognition of it.
  • You are here on assignment. Everything God created is a solution to a problem. Your eyes see. Your ears hear. Your assignment on earth is to solve a problem for somebody, somewhere and receive a reward for it.
  • No torment on earth equals the torment of living a life unrewarded for the gift and solution lying dormant within you.
  • The only difference between obscurity and significance is the enemy you decide to conquer. Without Goliath, David would remain hidden without significance in the pages of history as a Shepherd boy on the hillside.
  • Wisdom determines the success of your life. There are two ways to receive wisdom: mistakes and mentors
  • You will only remember what you teach others
  • You’re designed for connection. Eyes require a view. Ears require sound. The mind requires thoughts. Aloneness creates vulnerability.
  • God loves marriage. He hates divorce. Marriage is not a mere reproduction centre for human babies
  • God will never give you a gift that will replace his presence. That is why a mate is not designed to produce joy. The presence of God creates your joy
  • Focus often creates blindness. When you’re looking north, you cannot see the South
  • Beauty cannot guarantee faithfulness. Your beauty does not make another woman ugly
  • You will never respect anyone you’re capable of deceiving
  • Right people will energize you but wrong people will exhaust you
  • Faith moves mountain. The master key to supernatural miracles is the weapon of faith. Your mouth is the tool that unleashes the silent believe lying within you
  • Tears alone do not move God; desperation does not intimidate God; manipulation does not control God; education does not influence God; Faith is the only method that impresses God to activate miracles
    Ideas are golden gates to immediate change
  • An idea is a thought, divinely planted by God, that could solve a problem for someone
  • Opportunity is a situation where your favourable qualities and skills, known and unknown can be recognized, received and ultimately rewarded
  • Poverty is tormenting. Poverty is a thief. It steals much more than your finance. It steals your dream, sense of worth, significance and your ability to bless those around you
  • Money does not create joy. Money creates ability
  • Men and women of God are deliverer. They are those who have recognized the authority of God and submitted. They have recognized the plan of God and cooperated. They have recognized the consequences of disobeying their God and obeyed
  • Everyone receives gifts from God, few recognized their dominant gift. David recognized his dominant gift. He was more than a singer, he was more than a Shepherd boy; he was a warrior and he knew it.
  • Every human contains weakness. It’s a force, silent and deadly, that moves your life towards destruction
  • What you fail to master in your early years will master you in your later years- Dr. Lester Summrall
  • Greatness is within those you love. Everything you do not have has been carefully stored n someone near you. Love is the secret map to the treasure
  • Failure to recognize the dominant gift in others can occurs when we become obsessed with their flaws, self absorbed with our own goals and overloaded with reasonable schedules
  • The dominant attraction determines the longevity of the relationship
  • Everyone trusts someone. Those you’ve chosen to trust hold the keys to your future
  • Unfounded suspicion becomes entry points for lying spirits
  • Greatness are usually camouflaged
    Your friend gives you comfort but your enemy gives you future
  • God communicates through pictures. At some time, God will birth within you an invisible picture of your future. That uncommon dream will be something you can do, something you can become or something you can have
  • When your enemy enters, he will bond with the Judas in your circle of confidantes
  • If a seed of something can create something. It is quite obvious- a seed of nothing will create a season of nothing in your life
  • Your harvest is any person, provision, idea, opportunity or act of favour that solves a problem for you
  • You cannot succeed alone- relationship can be a golden link to every uncommon miracle and experience of joy in your life
  • What you see will determine what you will pursue
  • You cannot do everything. You can only do what God designed you to do through your gifts, skill and intelligence. Trees do not talk, turtles cannot fly. Design determines your capabilities.



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