39 Quotes from “The Bait of Satan”

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Author: John Bevere

Compiled by: Gbenga A. Babatola (a.k.a gbengacornerstone)

If you stay free of offense you will stay in God’s will. If you become offended, you will be taken captive by the enemy to fulfil his purpose and will

Authority is given to serve not to set you apart

If we don’t risk being hurt, we cannot give unconditional love. Unconditional love give others right to hurt us

In the times of prosperity and success, even a wicked man will seem kind and generous. Under the heat of trials, however, the impurities surface

One of the ways the enemy keeps a person in an offended state is to keep the offense hidden, cloaked with pride. Pride will keep you from admitting your true condition

Only those you care about can hurt you. You expect much from them- after all, you’ve given more of yourself to them. The higher the expectations, the greater the fall

God tests his servants with obedience. He deliberately places us in situations where the standard of religion and society would appear to just our actions

When you are out of the will of God, you will not be a blessing or help to anyone

Offended people react to situation and do things that appear right even though they are not inspired by God. We are not called to react but to act

Once you leave the place God has chosen for you, your root system begins to dwarf

We will be judged according to fruits, not gifting. A gift is given. Fruit is cultivated

Offended people believe everyone is out to get them- persecution complex. With this attitude, it is difficult for them to see area in their own lives that need change: they isolate themselves and conduct themselves in such a manner that invites abuse

God never created us to live separately and independently of each other. An isolated person seeks only his own desire, not God’s. He receives no counsel and set himself up for deception

Acquiring an offense keeps you from seeing your own character flaws because blame is deferred to another

Physical growth is a function of time. Intellectual growth is a function of learning. Spiritual growth is neither a function of time nor learning, but it’s a function of obedience

Our knowledge of scripture is not the key. Obedience is

We can pester the lord regarding something for which he has already shown us his will. He will then allow us to do what we want even when it is against his original plan- even when it is not in our best interest

What we learn in the presence of God cannot be learnt in the presence of men
Some things we need to hear from God cannot be found in the Bible. For example, whom should we marry? Where should we work? What church should attend?
And the list goes on. We must have the revealed word of God for these decisions as well. Without it, our decisions are founded on unstable ground

Settle it in your heart that two wrongs do not make a right- to break covenant because of offense is not an answer

When you know God would never do anything to harm or destroy you, and whatever he does or doesn’t in your life is in your best interest, then you will give yourself freely to him

Trials in your life will expose what is in your heart- whether the offense is toward God or others

Offenses will reveal your weakness and breaking points in our lives. Often the point where we think we are strong is our place of hidden weakness

Stay in your authority, or someone else will take it from you and use it against you

Knowledge without love destroys

Ground will produce only what is planted in it. If we plant seeds of debt, unforgiveness, and offense, another root will spring up in place of the love of God

Bitterness is unfulfilled revenge. It is produced when revenge is not satisfied to the degree we desire- Francis Frangipane

If we exercise our bodies, we are less prone injury

Our degree of maturity determines his well we’ll handle offense without injury

It is easy to love those who can do no harm in our eyes. That’s honeymoon love. It’s another thing to love someone we can see faults, especially when we’ve been victim of them

Maturity does not come easily. If it did, all would attain it

It is more important for us to help a stumbling brother than to prove ourselves correct

Being mistreated does not give you the permission to hold unto offense; two wrongs do not make a right

No man, woman, child or devil can ever get you out of the will of God except you
God often places us in uncomfortable places and under increasing pressure so that we may be shaped by his love and reigning fire

If we keep changing the place where we are planted, we will never grow spiritually the way God intends

Jesus did not pray that Simon peter would escape the intense shaking- he prayed that Peter’s faith would not fail in the process

Test either make you bitter toward God and your peers, or they make you stronger
Your spiritual maturity depends on your willingness to face, forgive and forget past offenses



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