36 Quotes from “The City Movers”

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Author: Pastor Richard Ologboyo

Compiled by: Gbenga A. Babatola (a.k.a Gbengacornerstone)

  • The name of the Lord is the insignia for your desired victory
  • If the precursory event never happens, the principal event may never happen
    Some unpalatable situations are needed to conceive and deliver palatable situations
  • Until you carry somebody, no one knows what you carry
  • Celebrate your leaders and some other persons will celebrate you
  • The city mover’s anointing influences his environment
  • An act is called good if it brings joy, enhancement, fulfilment, release, victory, solution and breakthrough to people
  • Our gospel is not good enough if it carries not social benefits
  • Compassion is the womb for doing good
  • God sent help do not need letters of application with strings attached
  • Whatever moves you create a momentum for you
  • You’re never a giant on the outside until you have become one on the inside
  • It is better to have a certificate you do not need than to need a certificate you do not have
  • To rule your world, you must first rule yourself and dominate your ego
  • To be void of humility is to make yourself an adversary of God
  • Personal devotion provides the platform for receiving a template from the temple
  • Work on mysteries and you become mysterious
  • The fear of challenges keep vision paralyzed
  • No meaningful progress can be made while you get excited by the noise around you
  • You must first be separated from the crowed before you can pull the crowd
  • A concluded commoner today can become a celebrated city mover tomorrow
  • Running your life alone is like embarking on a suicide mission
  • A city mover may not necessarily be admired, but can be conspired against
  • When you encounter God, you either become a trouble maker or a troubleshooter
  • Political awareness is as good as spiritual sensitiveness
  • When you stand before men, you will be ordinary; when you stand before God, you will be extra ordinary
  • What some people call harvest may as well be a seed to some others depending on the level of faith
  • Your mentor determines your marketability
  • Holy shout from holy people of God cab shatter wall of resistance
  • Mentors find ways of developing others while tormentors find ways of pulling successful people down
  • Until we change our attitude to those making progress than us, we may never leave our spot
  • You can chose to be limited or limitless. That you’re in a prison does not mean you will perish there
  • Men who submit to shame and self-pity often tend to reject their calling
  • Each time you have a strong opposition or competition, that’s the best time to shine
  • Each time you expect a swift divine intervention and you do not get, watch your mind and your mouth
  • When you are graceless, your life becomes anything that can be wasted.



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