31 Quotes from “7 Secrets of Success for the Graduate”

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Author: John Hagee

Compiled by: Gbenga A. Babatola (a.k.a Gbengacornerstone)

If you believe you can succeed- or you believe you can’t, guess what? You’re right
You are unique. When you were born, the genius of God exploded and made a person that the world gas never seen before and never see again

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Before you can really understand what success is, it better we understand what success is not

  • success is not money

  • success is not reaching a goal- setting goals is the most dangerous thing a person can do. Why? Because once you set a goal in one area, you take attention away from others

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  • success is not power
  • success is not having all

The world is not interested in the storms you encountered, but they want to know; did you bring the ship home safely?

To reach the port of success, we must sail sometimes with the wind and sometimes against it- but we must sail, not drift or lie at anchor. Oliver Wendell Homes

-success is not determined by your circumstances

  • success is not an event but a lifelong journey
  • success is not avoiding criticisms

  • success is maintaining status quo

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The choice you make determines your joy, peace, quality of your family life, your professional success, and most importantly the destiny of your soul

Your attitude is your choice

Your attitude determines the attitude of others – your attitude is contagious

Your attitude can overcome your disability

Those who persevere are the ones left standing when everyone else quits. Perseverance is sustained by purpose

If you do not like yourself, you will not like your purpose

Christianity without love is just another cult- they world does not care what we know until they know that we care

There cannot be mastery of life on any frontier until individual grow in the art of mastery themselves

The majority of marriages in society and in the church end in divorce. Why? Because the discipline that could restrain sharp words, selfish attitudes or cruel acts in the heat of emotion was totally absent

The degree to which a person can control their reactions to their emotions is the degree to which they have mastery over themselves

If you live in the spirit of fear, you’re practising atheism

Satan’s substitute for repentance is man’s realization of evil

We are rewarded for what we say or do
The man or woman who cannot or will not communicate is alone

If you can’t communicate with the people around you, you’re a prisoner on an island of your own creation

The tragedy of our day is not unanswered prayers but prayers not offered

Prayer should be your first choice and not your last chance

Jesus did not teach his disciples how to preach, but he did teach them how to pray

The difference between the wealthy and the poor is this: the wealthy invest their money and spend what’s left; the poor spend their money and invest what’s left. When what you have in your hands is not enough to meet yours needs, what you have in your hands is your seed

Prosperity begins with investing in God’s work

Sow to the future, reap from the past

You can plant your seed properly and abundantly in good grounds, but can kill your harvest with a lack of patience

The Bible is the greatest financial manual ever printed

A mountain only seems high from the valley. The road to success runs uphill, so don’t expect to break any speed record

The difference between history’s boldest accomplishment and its most staggering failures is simply the willingness to persevere

You have unlimited potentials, but you must learn to release it to reach your destiny



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