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The Force of Prayer

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Prayer is a medium through which the earthly creatures daily communicate their needs to the divinity. Prayer is nothing but asking, making request or demanding, not from man but a deity (God), for what one need but do not have. Human needs are numerous and insatiable but it can be progressively met as at when due provided that it is communicated to the right person and done through the right channel, as the need arises. Despite the fact that the divinity is a spirit being, he is still open to a need-inclined conversation with the earthly creatures, in spite of our mortal features, but the only officially and celestially recognized medium is PRAYER.

No mortal being is without a deficiency; no matter how sufficiently buoyant or satisfied you might be, you will at one point in time be deficient of some essential recipes needed for living a basic life or up to the standard predestined by one’s creation in which you cannot acquire by mortal effort or wisdom but by the intervention of a spiritual force (divinity), hence, prayer.

Nothing is free: nothing valuable will be delivered to you without a sacrifice or a requirement for payment except someone had vowed to fully settle the entire bills or already settled the bills prior to the delivery of the items. Nothing good or bad comes to man except he demands for it and if that which you’ve never demanded for was accidentally delivered to you, then, you have the right to either accept or reject since you never ordered for it in the first place.

Every nursing or lactating mother knows that their babies do have need which is basically to be fed with the milk produced by their breast but most mothers, many a time, will never make any attempt to breastfeed their babies not until the babies demand for it via their incessant cries until they are satisfied except the lactating mother experiences the cases of swollen breast because it’s been long they breastfed their babies.

Every head of the family (fathers) knows that their family members do have needs that must be fully met by them and if the husband should fail to meet those needs as at when due, then, he’s due for an extensive interrogation from every individual member of the family. Many a time, the younger ones continuously make their needs known to the Father and mother so that they can incorporate their needs into their financial plans. For instance, whenever the children are about resuming for a new term or session, all they keep doing is saying it to the hearings of their parents so that it can serve as a quick reminder.

No lad will ignore the essence of his parents in the provision of the items needed for his daily sustenance and will not end up facing life alone. No matter how physically mature, financially fit or emotionally balance we might be, we are still a child (baby) in the hands of our maker –  God, and every baby needs care, attention and provision. Many of us parade ourselves to be too comfortable even to the extent that we take God to be unimportant any longer to discuss our issues with, and we end up facing life squarely.

No matter how smart a kid might be, his parents practically understand what his next move should be before it arises and this is how it is between man and God. No country’s government or any man’s job is capable enough to successfully cater for the needs of God’s heritage –  they can only make effort in solving general societal problems that are within their capabilities.

No matter how physically grown you are, irrespective of your age, married, unmarried or divorce, with children or without children, minister of God or just a committed worshipper, you are child in the hand of God and no godly parents will ever attempts to suffer their children for any of their basic needs provided that they abide under their tutelage. In spite of the physical growth and the ages maintained by the people of Israelite, God still called them his children, not because they were orphans but because they abided by his commandments. Despite the fact that the father of the prodigal son was materially buoyant, there was nothing he could do about him when he decided to move out of the shielding umbrella of his father, and he was left stranded until he decided to return to his father.



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