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Many people fail to receive from God because they complain and weep more than they ask- no amount of complaint and tears can solve your problems, all you need is to ask; even though your tears multiplies, never stop making your request known.

Prayer is never a one-off action but a repetitive one. The more you pray, the more you have another reason to pray because our needs are insatiable (as one need is satisfied, another fresh need emerges). Prayer is never for the indolent. When God ask man to ask (pray), it is a proof that he had a lot of goodies for us and none of it can become ours not until we ask. Never presume, he long that you ask (pray) till you receive.

1kings 18:41-46 It’s been quite a while that the Israelites had witnessed a down pour (rain) because the heaven was shut by the words of Prophet Elijah and God approved it since they’d refused to turn unto the Lord their God. Here comes the expiration of their moment of suffering, the need to unlock the heaven again that there might be rain and also that the austerity might come to an end.
Elijah ordered the king (Ahab) to start celebrating because there was going to be rain that day. Elijah was quite rest assured (confident) that something great was going to happen when he prays (make request from God) even before he prayed. The failure of many people’s situation to be transformed by prayer begins even before they commenced praying because they never believe prayers can solve their problems.

Elijah was so confident that whenever he calls, God answers. He knows that God does not fail his word, because God’s not a man. While king Ahab and his people were making merry, Elijah went to the mountain (Carmel) to pray (make a request) that God open the gates of heaven that there might be rain again. As he finished praying for the first time, he ordered his servant to check is there’s any signal for the coming of rain, but unfortunately, there was nothing. He did that continuously, precisely seven times, until there was a signal for the coming of the rain.

Elijah never gave up after he had prayed on the same matter once, twice and nothing was forthcoming, but he prayed until the result was ascertained. Wasn’t it the same God he said a word to that the doors of heavens be closed so that there won’t be rain for. Some moment of life? Yes, it was! He never gave up on God because he delayed. Many people gave up on God and stopped praying because they never knew how close they are to success. If Elijah had quitted praying the sixth time, it means no rain would have surfaced, but he followed through till the request was granted — ask, irrespective of the numbers of time, till you receive (see the evidence of your request).

You  cannot give what you do not have (Nemo Dat quo non habet). When God asked man to ask, then, he has a lot to give — giving is an act of showing his magnanimity. If people of the world can give good gift to their children, how much more our father in heaven.

Matthew 14:1–12 God is always ready to give us anything we need provided that it is in accordance with his will. Herod, in the day of his birthday celebration, made a vow to Herodias’ daughter after she had enthused him with her dance, that she should ask whatever it is that pleases her and it will be granted to her. It is such a pity that the head John the Baptist rapidly became “Anything” that Herodias daughter could demand. The king had no option than to keep to his oath and John was successfully beheaded as requested by Herodias daughter.

If mere king of the earth could deliver this to his daughter, how much more the king of kings? Note that if you’re encountering a serious level of opposition from several known quarters and you cannot physically chop off their heads even though they deserve that, or order your earthly parents to do so on your behalf because of you do that, none of you will be shared of being charged to the court for murder case and there’s a likelihood that you won’t be free. But, if you demand that God judge them on your behalf or avenge you, that’s just the cheapest thing you can ask from him because he wants a peaceful life for his heritages. Note that Jesus, despite being a son of God, he never overlooked the potency of prayer; he maintained his communication with his father all through his lifetime.

Why people pray and do not receive

It is insanity for man to breastfeed animals. No matter how nicely prepared the room made for a bird within a compound might seem to be, the bird will still return to the forest if it should have the privilege. Every sheep knows the voice of their Shepherd, irrespective of their gullible attitude, and they do not follow strangers. It is the duty of the Shepherd, irrespective of how inconvenient it might be for them, to daily provide for the needs of his sheep if he doesn’t want to be overwhelmed by their bleating. It is quite difficult for a rational father to leave his children starving or uncared for and start struggling to fill up the belly of a stranger.

No bastard child or slave can boldly confront the father to demand his undivided attention for the satisfaction of his daily needs no matter how pressing they are. If you are not his son or daughter, then, you’re not qualified to receive his offering. God is not a wasteful spender; until you’ve surrendered yourself to his lordship, it might be difficult if not impossible, to receive any offering of his.

Note that if you must cheaply receive anything from God, no matter how gigantic it might be, the first principle is that you must be his child. Being his child is not only limited to being identified with him via your names but also in your ways of life. If you identify yourself with him in names but your ways of life harbours lots of questionable elements, then, none of your request is likely to be answered. Many people daily long to receive from God because they daily cry to him in prayer, but they are never his, even though they are identified with him in names and God does not provide for a stranger but his children — he’s not a wasteful spender.

The Israelite were his children, he catered for their needs, even though they wallowed in the wilderness for years, they were never stranded. The apostles acknowledged him as their head, and he catered for them even though persecution multiplied; Elijah, and Eleazar, the oldest servant of Abraham acknowledged him as their head, and they were not left alone in difficult times; Joseph surrendered himself to his lordship, and he took him to the throne.



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