The Force of Prayer 2

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There’s virtually nothing we (mortals) are deficient of which is needed to fulfil the reason for our existence that God does not have in Stock for us but it will never be delivered to us until we ask, and we won’t be courageous to ask him until we see him as our father and the only medium giving to mortals to communicate their needs to divinity is through prayer. Note that even though you have a huge amount of money in your bank account and you fail to demand for it via your cheque, pass book or ATM card, while you have a critical need to attend to, no money will be delivered to you. If you had refused to make any communication to the bank via any of the aforementioned means, no cash will be automatically given to you even though the cash belongs to you — if you fail to ask, then, you cannot receive.

A closed mouth is a closed destiny. The limitations experienced by many people are never the one caused by any enemy (moreover, God has never delivered the authority over his heritages to anyone) but by their shut mouth; inability to ask.

God has given every man the same treatment irrespective of our individual differences — no preferential treatment. Prayer (asking) is an open cheque given to everyone. What individual person can ask is never determined by our amount of wealth, social status, educational background or the position we occupy and this invariably means that there’s no limitation to the amount of request individual person can make- I can see God saying “Ask base on your needs, my economy is not earthly but heavenly, always buoyant and never stranded, and can cater for whatever need you have, just Ask!” If there are people that pray, then there is a God that answers. God wants us to ask more when our needs daily multiply because he knows that human needs are insatiable, therefore, he’s never limiting our ability to ask any time, day, or period of life unlike humans.

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Man can default when you ask too much but God is daily glad seeing you ask him for whatever you need because the more you ask and receive, the more the confidence and trust you have in him about how buoyant heavenly economy is in meeting our deadly needs.

Whenever you pray (ask) about something and you’re yet to receive, note that God hears, and he’s already working on it but it will only be delivered to you when he’s done — learn to be patient. Note that God had promised Abraham children twenty-five years earlier before he begot Isaac.

God is daily giving us a blank cheque to demand whatever we need. He is never tired of giving us anything we need, and he’s never expecting us to be ashamed or tired of asking from him either, in as much as it is in line with his will.

He clearly told us in his word that nothing will be automatically delivered unto us except we ask; if you observe that a door is closed against you, don’t just stand watching, all you need do is to keep knocking until it opens because there’s someone who has the whole authority to open any closed door without consulting anyone and the last process is to seek, then, you can find. Note that you can be in the midst of millions and still be stranded. Don’t ever assume God to be aware of your needs and for this reason he must attend to them automatically, he has a lot of children widely dispersed around the globe that are daily requesting his attention. There’s a level you must have got to in your work and walk with Him before he automatically dives to such tune and that is being the beloved.

The father to the prodigal son told the elder brother when he was feeling embittered towards the move of the Father when his younger brother returned home after a long while departure. The father expressly told him that the remaining property after he had given his brother his was meant for him but since he never made any request, then, it cannot be delivered to him. When you pray (ask) more, which depicts requesting God’s attention to your needs other than man, without wavering, this signifies that you are confident in your heavenly Father, and he’s never ready to disappoint those that trust him.



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