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There is nothing evil that the devil has an intention of executing in any man’s life that will not be tied to a day- Don’t be ignorant of their vices.
They always want the product  of their plans to be ground breaking so that it can earn them massive accolades from every quarter be it far or near.

Man might take a slight appearance of the manifestation of the work of darkness for granted but devil does not simply because it will help them in creating the link required in executing their massively Orchestrated project.

Devil knows how where and when he can hit us that will be very painful but only God had made it difficult/impossible for him.

There is nothing evil or good that will ever surface in the life of a man in his lifetime without the knowledge of the day. The timing of its appearance is embedded in the day; if the day refuses to manifest;the event can never surface except the event is nullified prior to the manifestation of the day.

Every adversary that remains untreated or unattended to overtime is capable of exposing a life to a lasting limitation.

It is very easy for the devil to show us their evil,  but with faith we can conquer them by showing them the life prepared for us in Christ.  There’s nothing the devil can conclusively complete on any righteous soul except for the ones God had failed to intervene and God is never ready to suffer any righteous soul for any undue cause.

The Jews in the land of Babylon that Haman vowed to destroy in a day were never mourning because they were scared of the plans of Haman against them to execute them all, but they knew that God never had a short lifespan planned for them, and he has never promised to suffer them through the hands of the ungodly in as much as they have chosen to stand in his will.

Their mourning was to invoke the covenant of God and God acknowledges the unity and prayers of the righteous.
What a kind of man could Mordecai be? Just a mere man — a gate keeper, but every of his intention and movement could extensively affect the entire populace of Jews. The position you occupy or your status has nothing to do with your influence. If your intention will greatly bless the entire populace, they will without reluctance submit themselves to you or demand you to be in command.

Ted Haggard says it is not the gospel of our mouth that is not worthy of reception but our integrity and intentions usually have a great effect on it- Mordecai was popularly known to be gatekeeper in the palace but a king to Jews. Note that your current position or situation might paint your picture to people around as slaves but always make your existence make a royal Influence in someone’s life daily.

The Jews might choose to forget everyone in that situation but not Mordecai- he was a mere gatekeeper but his existence (presence within them) played a royal Influence coupled with godly backings needed to get them deliverance.
Always allow your presence around people make them feel like kings and Queens and not like slaves but not the ungodly.

Mordecai’s position (gatekeeping) in the palace never allowed him to lose his position in God- he stood for what he believed; ran to God and not man. He took a swift decision that could enhance their unity to fight the intruder instead of being dismantled because of what Mordecai’s behaviour towards Namaan had led them into- they fought the cause with concerted effort. They had no leader but his swift decision rightly positioned him to be a leader- leadership is not by position but by influence. Note that people follow you for the way you know and not the name you bear.



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