Nothing is free, even in Freetown

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Nothing comes to man automatically- if it is not demanded, then, it cannot be delivered but if you therefore receive the delivery of that which you’ve not demanded, then, someone must have made an order for it on your behalf or by their attitudes. Nothing good comes easy or accidentally, it’s a product of someone’s unrelenting effort(hard Labour) and faithfulness.

Anything good or bad you receive in life without an iota of your input is practically a reward for someone’s or your kindness or evil done by someone who has an unrestricted relationship with you or a long forgotten evil invested by you.
Nothing is free in life- not even salvation, learn to utilize anything good you find judiciously. Everything good or bad in life has a price- some are godly while some are ungodly; some are painful, less painful or painless but none is palatable.

Everything you receive in life comes with a price but if is delivered to you without any requirement for payment because someone had made effort to fully settle the entire bills, it becomes free to you. People become ensnared to behave lackadaisical towards any article or privilege (grace) tagged “free” because it has no price tag, then, to them, it seems worthless and for this reason, the article or privilege becomes nothing to be treated with utmost decency. Anything without value is worthless and presumed to be irrelevant, therefore, it is not capable of proffer in or being used se to proffer the needed result to mankind.

Anything with value has a sacrifice to be made before it can be fully acquired, hence, price. Note that anything without value is useless to mankind. If any man, with his social status, without prior permission, therefore takes anything of value that does not belong to him either forcefully or meticulously, then, he becomes a thief without mask.

Nothing is free, even in Freetown –  a sacrifice must be made. Salvation, right before my birth, had always been proclaimed to be free. Yes, it is! This is because it is delivered to us without any demand for payment but always bear it in mind that someone, by his blood, settled the entire price placed upon the entire mankind by their errors- he was accused of what he did not do, mercilessly beaten in the public glare, heavily mocked and brutally nailed to the cross, all to deliver a priceless gift of salvation unto mankind. Many a time, man mostly becomes an embodiment of ungrateful attitude when any free item delivered to them does not go in tandem with their current mental position of something valuable. Learn to be appreciative, no matter how minute the article might seem to be, somebody went through hell (made a sacrifice) before that so-called useless thing could be delivered to you.

Education is declared to be free in some countries of the world and just a few takes it as something important while others take it for granted simply because they do not make any financial commitment towards acquiring formal education but note that somebody (government) sacrificed the National resources to acquire what they presumed to be needful to live a blossom life for you but you seem to be financially incapable to get.

Nothing is free, it only becomes free to us when it is delivered to us without a price burden resting on us but someone else that seem to be capable of settling the bills.



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