Nothing is free, even in Freetown 2

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The freedom that many nations of the world enjoy today was not acquired even by their own Labour but by the price paid by their predecessors. The Israelites, even till today, enjoys the blessing of God as a result of the covenant acquired by their fathers: Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, through the price of obedience and inconvenience they paid in diving into any spoken words of God.

Nothing is usually delivered to a man on a platter of gold,  somebody must have paid for it anyhow, probably by their service, attitude or kindness. Any goodness you receive that virtually becomes unfathomable to describe but you’ve critically perused and you discovered that it’s not by your hard Labour, note that somebody known or unknown to you, either far or near, must have paid for it (made a sacrifice).

Peter was not accidentally delivered from the prison when captured by King Herod but by the fervent prayer of the Church . Learn to appreciate any good thing you receive, no matter how little or minute it might be- somebody made a sacrifice to get it acquired for you.

In contrast, many a time, we are made to pay for the price (settle the debts) for what we do not use but used by someone else. Our lives account are mostly at times debited for the transactions we have never performed. And if the treasure in the accounts of our lives become insufficient to settle the bills of the transactions, we then become indebted for the services we’ve not received, hence, struggling lives.

Mostly, larger percent of every deposit in any accounts, if not all, is usually for a special purpose. It is done to establish a course and if any debt had been owed, in order to avoid disgrace, the deposits become the only resources available to settle the debts, therefore, jeopardizing the original course for which the deposits were made. The reason for the existence of people become impossible to establish because someone had utilized the deposits required by them to fulfil it, hence, they become irrationally Jejune and indecisive.

Many of our predecessors want the best kind of life, which can never  come on platter of gold but with a price. They enjoyed the goodies all through their lifetime, while some are still living, they are meant to settle the debt thereby leaving a huge amount of debt behind for us. They needed many blazing destinies as the sacrifice required to acquire the type of goody they wanted.

The amount of debt bills raised against many blazing lives is even greater than the amount of debt they can owe for their lifetime, but their lineage had brought them into that.
Note that no amount worldly Labour can you make to settle such bills-your lifetime return is practically unfit to settle the bills. You need the intervention of the one whose worth can consume the entire debt without any trace, the one whose blood alone settles the debt of the entire world once and for all, hence, Jesus.

Note that every good thing you do today is practically paying the prices of some levies of the upcoming generations while every ungodly things you do today is also raising some charges against the unborn generations. Always remember that nothing is free in life — anything you receive that seem free or delicate was paid for by you or somebody or caused by you or somebody.



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