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Not just anybody, but the called

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An average noble man is a disciplined busy man  they spend their time judiciously and so do not welcome everyone into their premises; nobody can just boggle into their premises to have some conversation with them without their prior consent or permission to meet with them except the person is with the mission to harm them. They are mostly occupied and paying them a cold visit sometimes might lead to an unprecedented embarrassment most especially if it is a place where protocols are duly observed. No ordinary man dares go to the office of a military man to have dialogue with him without a prior invitation, he would be denied entrance right from the main gate.

Esther 4:10-14 — This attitude or rule is not a new concept as it has been in operation right from the inception of the world. Even many circular occasion nowadays that long to screen out some categories of people from attending their party now adapt the same rule that “present the invitation card given to you, then gain access to entrance but without invitation card, you will have to return to your home right from the entrance of the hall”. Some others say,  “for you to be a bona-fide or qualified attendee, you must be ready to buy a particular attire sold by them (invitation) irrespective of the cost as that is your pass card.” The called in the first instance are the ones with the invitation card while the ones that can affords to buy the attire are the called in the second instance.

The King of Babylon called Ahasuerus observed this rule because he was a noble King and this rule was duly respected by everyone. Anyhow person cannot just walk into the presence of the King if he/she is not called, it is counted as desecration of the King’s honour and such a person deserves  to be put to death. Esther, the Queen,  became very timorous to appear before the King, even though she needed the King’s attention urgently on a very pressing matter that’s put the life of the Jews in danger despite being the second in command in the entire Kingdom of Babylon. The rule is static and remains unquestionable — no preferential treatment for anyone irrespective of the position you hold in the land, not even the Queen. The treatment of person as regard the rule is homogenous.

In our today’s word, we tend to honour a god we can see better than the ones we cannot see. The rule that you are only permitted to enter and appear  before me when called was not introduced by any man but it originated from God’s identity. Moses could appear before God because he was called; the Priests could appear before God in the tabernacle of congregation because they were separated to God by their calls.

Anybody that attempts to appear before the King when they are not called deserves to be put to death by the virtue of the land. Joseph appeared before the King because the King sent for him, and if he had struggled to appear before the King when there was no order to bring him out, it would have been counted as an attempt to run away which could have claimed his life. No damsel even though they were virgins and qualified, dared stand before King Ahasuerus during the process of selecting a new Queen when Vashti misbehave if they were not called upon, they will automatically be dismissed.

Larger present of every being on earth these days are now struggling to present themselves before the King (God) even when they are not called that they might also be bestowed the honour of the King. People tend to be more respectful to worldly decree than Godly decree since God is slow to anger. Little wonder their existence fade out even when they are living. Anyone not called (approved) by the King to appear before him and struggle himself to appear before the King shall be put to death; even though it is not physical death. God is not a man that can be cheaply enticed by mundane things — Many people had deliberately ventured into many spiritual activities that God had never called them into so that it can be added to their spiritual CV in order to be approved  of God and ended up dragging themselves into further mess that can cheaply end their destiny and relevance of existence.

The fact that you are eloquent in doing interpretation in church or because after your graduation from formal education school and you are unable to secure a paid employment, then the only option you could think of is to go to Bible school and after your graduation, you started compelling people to address you by the name “Pastor. ” Who certified you — your book, belly or instinct? What is the covenant backing up your call? When challenges arise, what covenant will you invoke to dialogue with God? The call of God is quite more than speaking coherent English — grammar in ministry without Holy Spirit is noise, it does not impact.

We mostly behave haphazardly to appear before the King (God) even when we are not called because our lives seem not to be precious to us.

Samuel, the Prophet, stood before God because he was called; Ussah lost his life because he touched the Ark of God unscrupulously simply because he was not authorized to touch it since he was never a Priest; Nadab and Abihu failed to follow the protocol of burning incense in the presence of God, and they were consumed by fire; Adonijah, the son of Haggith exalted himself to make himself a King when he was not approved by the King, and he ended up being embarrassed when Solomon was certified by the King and anointed by the Priest.

Patiently wait to hear the voice (call) of the King clearly before you run to his court to appear before him. Note that it has a death penalty if your profession is false.

Bear in mind that God is never committed to what he’s not commanded. If he had ordered for your presence, it means there is a vacant place he wants you to fill, and he will specifically want you to fill up — Don’t choose by instinct or intuition. Your location will determine your allocation; your assignment will determine your empowerment — if it is his will, it is his bill.



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