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Conformity brings deformity and likewise is imitation is limitation most especially when the configuration settings of the entire system is glaringly uniquely defined. The configuration settings of a system whose coding is encrypted might not be suitable for the operation of a system whose coding is not.

The definition of what is “good” is quite relative in meaning in terms of person, sex, occupation, organisation, cultural settings, nations, and generations of people, therefore, inculcating the same habit as the person whose definition of the same is nothing, then, you’re allowing your destiny to be gradually and seductively dragged to an extinct abattoir.

Marriage is an institution of purpose and fulfilment and not an emotional pleasure deriving strategy or system. It’s created with the sole aim of solving critical problems that every other available or adopted channel had failed to proffer lasting solutions to. God’s intention of creating marriage at the inception of the earth was predicated on solving critical problems that became imperative to address as any attempt to shy away from that can grossly affect the effectiveness and efficiencies of man in his preordained earthly assignments.

Marriage, by its initiator, was predicated on the notion of being a solution, therefore, if marriage is seen as unfit to solve complex issues in your life at the moment and forever but rather make purpose fulfilment at the moment more critical, then, marriage is not yet good. When the purpose of a thing is not known, abuse becomes inevitable- when the reason for going into marriage is not known, then, performance assessment becomes impossible.

Before the institution of marriage by God, man has been very fruitful, productive and effective in the purpose of his creation. He’s been a social animal; he daily relates with both animals and God with no preferential treatment. Note that no matter how smart, intelligent, or wise in selecting the type people you daily relate with, you will surely come across many people whose innate behaviour is animalistic, learn to relate with them without sustaining any injury (in any form). Don’t be deceived by the beauty of a leopard, that doesn’t make it harmless, its beauty doesn’t change its identity- carnivorous animal (animals that feed on flesh). They are constantly in search of animals to pounce upon to feed on. Their friendliness doesn’t connote their harmlessness; they are in search of victims to feed on that their bellies might be filled.

Remember that Adam related with the entire animals around him without sustaining any injury, be it harmless physical or emotional, and his relationship with them does not in any way affected his relationship with God. Also, note that the gathering of creatures Adam found himself after him creation doesn’t in any way determined his way of life because he understood his order of creation. His ways of life was never animalistic despite the fact that he related more with animals daily (God only visited him in the cool of the evening). Lion will never because it belongs to the same class (carnivorous animal) with cat and condescend to being a cat. Adam clearly knew that his order of creation was never after any animal, therefore, no matter how pleasing their ways of life might seem to be (since his dwelling place was among them) he’s not allowed, by the order of his creation, to live like them.

Man was effective in his assignment, and he daily delivers result. But, here comes a moment of life where the first proclamation that was specifically made about man was that “It’s not good.” Adam never saw anything bad in his way of life; he loved it, he enjoyed it and had never found any cogent reason necessary for the jettisoning of such way of life. No emotionally attachment that could “water down” his daily effectiveness (because he never knew that something great that can help him to be greatly effective in the fulfilment of his divine purpose was embedded in the woman) and his daily obligations were only due unto God. But God, his only parents, discovered this discrepancy. Note that what an elderly man sees clearly while sitting might not be seen by a lad even though he chooses to stand on several tables.

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Sometimes, we tend to be lackadaisical in making some important and critical decisions about our lives which is capable of affecting us in a long-run, but we see making those decisions as unimportant because we are deeply immersed in our visions and purposes. Parents, sometimes, might choose to take a leading role in making such decision if they discover the gravity of your ignorance about that (godly parents cannot lead astray); don’t ridicule them. They might not be formally educated as you but that doesn’t mean they are stark illiterate about life.



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