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Note that when you find a sex meet, you will only be satisfied sexually but in a help meet, everything you will ever wanted to fulfil the reason for your existence in life will be present in them. Any marriage (union) that place priority on sex over the primary purpose of marriage will struggle to enjoy a lasting life span. Although, both spouse are sexual animals, and they must be sexually active if the union must he secured from any external force.

The continuous operation of sexual activity depicts that they are both emotionally connected, provided that the act was not fiercely done, therefore, they are united for the establishment of a purpose but their emotion shouldn’t be allowed to be the driver while their head (brain) and heart become the conductor. If your marriage is basically instituted for sexual pleasure and child bearing, then, it has successfully failed the main intention for the creation of marriage by the originator. Note that your value to your spouse is determined by the gravity of your influence in making their reason for existence come to limelight, therefore, if you want to he a worthwhile asset to your spouse (irrespective of your age, size, beauty etc.), then, make your existence in the main or part of their success story in accomplishing their earthly assignments (make your existence in their lives count). No man can accord the honour meant for a king to a slave and vice versa except the slave had already earned it.

Animals neither have husband nor wife (they only have male and female of their kinds), yet they procreate. If marriage was primarily instituted for sexual pleasure which will only be enjoyed just for few minutes, in which man can always get at any point in time when needed just like any animal and child bearing, then, there wouldn’t be any need for man and woman to live together as husband and wife and Al’s the proclamation that man should leave his parents and cleave into his wife, hence, there are other important reasons other than the aforementioned two (Gen 2:24-25).

Marriage was not instituted primarily for the purpose of child bearing but for the establishment of a godly purpose, after which child bearing then follows in order for the earth to be filled with their kinds like other creatures and for the continuation and extension of their preordained purposes. If of a truth, marriage was not primarily instituted for child bearing, why then should childlessness cheaply affects the peace of any godly instituted family such that the love they both share gradually diminishes even to the extent that it deceitfully drags most families away from the fulfilment of their reasons for existence? Note that fruitfulness and multiplication in marriage is not only limited to child bearing but a part of its evidence in marriage.

Do not dive out of God’s tune when your marriage is yet to produce the anticipated children- bear in mind that sticking together to achieve the main purpose will automatically help in achieving others too. Venom might look so subtle and innocent but a little pinch of it on any edible item can make it unfit for use again. Childlessness should not create a lucid loophole that can outrightly affect your effectiveness and commitment towards the of God’s prior intention of instituting marriage.

Zechariah and Elizabeth were committed husband and wife, yet they were growing old without having a child let alone children. Zechariah never because of his marital plight stopper being a godly priest even that many people persistently run to whenever they have problems and likewise his wife never stopped being faithful and respectful because of childlessness- they both garnered effort in being consistent in the office God had placed them and God met their needs at the end even in that office of theirs.

A problem in your life should not drag you away from God but rather draw you closer to God.

Childlessness or lack of specific gender of children today has become the bedrock of the unfaithfulness that many family encounter in society. Just a single test of childlessness had made many to cheaply derail in selling the lordship of their family to the devil. Devil does not create babies (he only manipulates), God does- he created everything.

Abraham and Sarah lingered a lot in the dungeon of childlessness, yet he took the courses placed before him by God through even in conjunction with his wife. When they adopted their own means of raising a child for themselves, through Hagar, they almost have their heads hit against the rock- the presence of Hagar’s son practically took away the peace of the family because she started mocking her mistress (Sarah). They were committed to the course even to the extent that they never knew when they entertained an angel. These were the oldest set of people in the scripture, yet they gave birth- no situation is too complex for God to handle except for the ones he chooses not to address. If marriage will drag you out of the will of God (lust), then, it is not good; marriage is meant to further foster your relationship with God.

Marriage is not good if it is only considerable to you because you’re getting old or because you’re emotionally insecure, or because all your contemporaries are married. Until you’ve come to the full understanding that marriage was not basically instituted primarily for sex or child bearing but for purposes other than that, marriage is not good, otherwise, when you have a slight issue relating with the aforementioned two, you will have your family go down the trail.



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