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Adam never knew how bad it was for him to be alone but God (his parents) knew. Although, his parents (God) discovered this discrepancy, but he (Adam) was given a prerogative to determine who his wife was going to be. If your parents are deeply immersed in the will of God, although, their words might not be totally true to you but note that their words cannot be totally lies. All the animals were brought to him to see whether he was going to find a help meet, but he found none.

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By the order of creation of Adam, he was a king, and there’s no honour for a king without Queen except he wants his existence and position to be molested and ridiculed by the people under his sovereign power, therefore, it is not good for Adam to be alone. These salient fact was known to the chiefs of king Ahasuerus and that’s why he was advised by them to that he should make a recruitment announcement that a replacement can be sharply made, having dismissed Queen Vashti (Esther 1:10-21,2:1-4).

The creation of Adam was not made in the order of some microscopic organisms whose mode of recreation is usually done through division of cells or fusion but through mating between a male and female. Every other creature except Adam was created in male and female, therefore, Adam’s creation requires a uniquely created woman. Every other proclamation of God on Adam after creation had been coming to ass but in the area of fruitfulness and multiplication, something was missing. For his specie to multiply, there must be a continuous procreation of his kind (fruitfulness), hence recreation, and this can only be achieved when his specie is both male and female, therefore, it is not good for man to be alone. Since his creation was not after the order of some microscopic organisms that reproduce through division of cell.

Marriage was not primarily instituted as a sexual pleasure satisfaction mechanism, moreover, Adam (the first man) was never sexually active before the advent of a woman (he was in the midst of the animals and that does not make him to be one of them but just living in their midst), hence, there were purposes other sexual pleasure.

The fact marriage was not primarily instituted for sex doesn’t make sex an abomination in marriage. Note that life partners are usually sex partners (the fact that you’ve chosen him/her to be your life partner automatically qualifies them to be your sex partner and you ought not deprive them of it whenever they have the urge if you don’t want to give out the love and peace in your family cheaply) but sex partners are not life partners (those that prioritize sex over purpose when you’re yet married are liable to cheat on you in marriage).

Sexual intercourse today had cheaply made many lives that are good to become “not-too-good” or “not good” again because they jumped into marriage when it’s still good for them to be alone rather than when it’s no longer good for them to be alone.

The effectiveness, concentration and performance of Adam in his daily assignments in the garden had been something to write home about right from the day of his creation not until when it was observed that the performance and the ability of Adam in getting his purpose established was declining, then, marriage becomes imperative as remedy, so that the reason for his existence will not be a mirage and that there must be an extension of their kind, hence, recreation.

Marriage was instituted to solve a problem, then, if your marriage is not solving vital problems that you cannot individually address but through the help of a concerted effort that’s dominant in marriage, then, your marriage has failed the main purpose for its institution. Don’t rush into marriage when it’s still good for you to be alone- the contents of marriage is far more than the attraction of material things. It is good to be alone and constantly improve on yourself so that you can be a valuable individual to your spouse when it’s not yet at the level. Until you have exhausted all the options of the things you are to achieve individually and the other ones left are the ones that require concerted effort, marriage is not good for you but note that this is relative in terms of person. There are some certain things in life, no matter bow intelligent, smart, creative or effective you might seem to be, you cannot achieve them alone but with the help of the institution of a family. Once you’ve got to this level, it is no longer good to be alone.

Marriage becomes essential and unavoidably important when individualistic effort becomes insufficient in establishing godly purposes for one’s life. Note that for you to be a valuable asset to your spouse in marriage, you must be a custodian of the concerted effort (required effort), resources, idea, attention and care needed by them to achieve God’s intentions over their lives. If you must be an adorable deity to your spouse, then, ensure to be the container of the undisputed effort he/she needs in achieving the reasons for his/her existence. Note that marriage was not primarily established for sexual pleasure- if you settle for them because you think they are sexy, note that their being sexy can cheaply sell off your destiny; if it is because they are kinky, they can kick you to hell, therefore, marriage is not good.

Until the value you place on your spouse had grown to the level of being the only and the most needed solution needed in your life, the respect you will daily have for them will be minimal and the treatment that will be accorded unto him/her will not in any way better than that which is given to a sex making machine or a baby doll. Do not look for sex meet but rather help meet- if your proposed spouse is your sex meet and not help meet, marriage is not yet good because with them, purpose will become unrealisable.



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