Enemy Within- Agent of Death without Weapon

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The heart is a delicate organ but well protected by the interlock of bones called the thoracic cavity. In spite of this heavy protection it enjoys via the presence of bones around it, the danger facing is still immense simply because of the enemy within that can cheaply destroy it without breaking the bones surrounding it.

If the body covered, it is protected but without the covering of the heart, it is in great danger. The body becomes endangered not simply because it is naked (without cloth) or because the heart is no longer being protected by the presence of the interlock of bones called thoracic cavity around it but because of the enemy within whose presence cannot be protected by any body antigen.

The greatest unnoticed loophole (enemy) that can cheaply destroy a man comes from within. Enemy within completely knows your strength, weakness, your name, root name, your hidden place and every other undisclosed activities of your life. No mighty man can be cheaply destroyed without the knowledge of their enemies within that remains untreated. Enemies within are usually friendly fiends thereby giving us the reasons to treat as unimportant to destroy.

They dine with us daily, merry with us, go to places with us and do virtually everything we long to do daily with us I. E. They are our closest partner and this usually make us behave lackadaisical towards them because we conclusively believe that cannot hurt or hunt us. Enemies within will manifest themselves as one until their deeds have been successfully carried out. Note that the devil does not need any mighty machine to destroy any mighty man whose weakness remains unattended to, all he needs is to set fire on spilling fuel of his weakness that remains unrestrained in order to set him ablaze (engage the service of the enemy within him to cheaply destroy him with little or no stress). As minute and subtle your weakness might seem to look, it can operate like a hurricane and bring a great wreck on your destiny massively if it remains untreated. It is easy to identify your enemies without (around you) because they mostly come with bold confrontation and sometimes with instruments of war but enemies within daily wage war against the manifestation of man’s destiny without any weapon and this makes it trivial.

Never attempt to take joke of the enemy within for granted – it is destiny-related. Samson was too consumed by emotion to the extent that he never read between the lines of any jokes made by Delilah which was tinted towards unravelling his strength secret till his destiny was caught in the pot of soup of Delilah. Note that any jokes made by the devil that has any connection with your weakness is channelled towards adopting your unnoticed enemy to destroy you- Esau took every proceed of the mouth of Jacob for granted till legally and voluntarily signed to the effect of the transfer of ownership of his birthright.
Jacob was taking for granted any aspect of the conversation regarding the exchange of porridge for Esau birthright – he had an intention, and for this reason he wanted everything to be done formally to avoid any strife in the future but Esau took everything for granted because he’s getting famished, and he needed to satisfy his belly to renew his strength, but he never knew that the contract was destiny-related. He thought he could only cajoled Jacob in order to get what he wanted, but he ended up transferring his destiny.
The whole thing seems like joke because he read no meaning to any of the words- all he wanted was, “Let me dance to his tune to get what I want, isn’t it just by word of mouth.”
The enemy within actively creates loopholes to be easily captured by those relentlessly seeking to harm from without, even when you think you’re protected.
Joseph’s destiny was not exposed to the archers by the force without but the enemies that shared the same father (surname), and the same dwelling place with him. The Israelites had been conquered before they were conquered by Hai because of their enemies within calle Achan that took from the accursed things as against the commandment of God. The enemies that gave out Jesus in exchange for monetary values was even actively feed, preserved, lectured, and led by Jesus during his lifetime before he was captured.
It is such a pity that the enemies that have sentenced many blazing destiny to an abrupt end is the not enemy they actively focus and wage war against but the one they feed, cloth, and sleep with daily. The enemy waging war against many destinies is not far-fetched but right under their gorgeous attire – they feed it, cloth it, nourish it even by their own hands.
They enjoy its company because it facially harmless but with hidden destructive element. It is worthy of note that there is no one that is too mature or spiritual to be confronted by enemies within, the only difference is the way we manage it. Also, note that enemies within are sometimes stronger than enemies without before you embark on any ferocious the activity against the enemies without, ensure you identify and conquer your enemies within first – it is difficult for a massively wounded warrior to go to war and win- war ground is not a place of display not sympathy.

Immediately David failed to go battle and have a kind of leisure time alone, the enemy within him came in full dose and tore him apart at the sight of Bathsheba’s nakedness. David was a great warrior – he conquered Goliath, he killed many great and wild animals, he conquered many great nations, but he was cheaply conquered from within and not without. The enemy within does not need any weapon to confront any warrior but their emotions- an uncontrolled emotion is a miasma to a blazing destiny.
Saul was not conquered (killed) by the enemies faced that day, but he had already been killed prior to that day by the enemies within him towards David- envy and strife.
The enemies within is diverse ranging from anger, resentment, sadness, covetousness, loquacious, pride, envy, unforgiving, and uncontrolled emotions and more but self-control is the only weapon you need to fight them all.
Do not finish before you finish. Every unconquered enemy can call your destiny quit before it’s destined time. If you don’t kill your enemy, it will never stop coming after you and their missions is either to steal, kill or destroy.



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