Life is in turn

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Turn is simply relative in meaning but with regard to this discussion, “Turn” simply means to change personality such as from being a face to something else or vice versa. The earth is spherical with one satellite and it daily rotates round the sun in order to have its satellite (the moon) properly charged to give light to the earth when it is charged. According to the geographers, it takes the earth a complete year (365 or 366 days) to rotate round the sun. The same way the earth rotates round the sun daily is never different from the ways other planets (Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto) also do and their position to the sun also determines also the number of days it will take them to revolve (turn) round the sun- life is in turn.

Note that no matter the number of years a man might choose to use in a position irrespective of his might even to maintain the honourable position, he will surely leave the position one day (death) or the position leaves him at the expiration of the time meant for his turn. Making effort to get into different political power (offices) becomes a-do-or-die affair in several countries today simply because many with political ambitions were caught unaware that no matter how great and glaring their intentions might be in blessing lives, if it is not yet their turn, the seat will not be vacant for them to occupy- no new king comes on board (occupies the throne) when the demise of the existing one had not been confirmed.

Earth cannot outrun Mercury in revolving round the sun and likewise Pluto cannot outrun the earth also in the same process simply because they needed a rapid attention of the sun to ease off their tension- they have to patiently wait for their turn in the process.

Nobody knew that David exist in the family of Jesse until it was his turn to be anointed as the king among every other, and he had to be called upon from the wilderness where he was busy looking after his father’s flocks. Note that it takes turn to even stand before the kings- if it is not your turn and you come in or your turn had expired and you refuse to vacate the position, you might end up being embarrassed.

Many people never knew that life has a turn for them and that’s why they go through several unscrupulous means to get their names catch the flu of the attention of mortals, and they end up being disgraced as at the time they were meant to be honoured.
It is worthy of note that struggling to get things done becomes imminent in man’s pursuits when it is yet their turn but when it is man’s turn, then, every provision needed to attain a purpose or position will be accurately positioned within man’s reach.

You cannot outrun your turn or fail to match up with your turn and get a perfect accolade meant for you from your audience (Lives you are prepared for).

Many people are still “useless and irrelevant” in the world today and even roaming the streets even to the extent that their lives seem to reflect nothing tantalizing not really because many of them never made effort to be great but because it is not yet the turn for the events that will engage their “irrelevant lives” to make it relevant or utilise their “nonsense beings” to make sense from it.

Saul (that became Paul) was an instrument in the hands of the political leaders against the proliferation of the gospel of Christ in the land, and he’s been very active and committed to that deadly assignment even with the backings of several legal documents not until the turn of the event that happened on his journey to Damascus that entirely changed his useless life to become useful.



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