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Esther had to wait for her turn even though she was a virgin and even beautiful- she waited till was called upon to see the king. She never blew up the opportunity to stand before the king by her impatience. All she needed do was just to develop the ability to retain the opportunity among others. Esther was not in a haste because she knew that it was going to come to her turn irrespective of the number of days the process might take.

Many people today have successfully made life unbearable for people to live because they thought it will always be like that- they never knew that life is in turn. Do you really think you have something unique to make life worthy of living to offer unto generations of people when it is your turn to rule? Do you think you have something unique to attract and retain opportunities when it is your turn to be called upon? Get prepared, you will soon be called upon!

Many politicians in several political powers end up investing lots of financial resources to win the loyalty of people to vote for them for another tenure, having just concluded one tenure, simply because they failed to deliver the expected result when it’s their turn.

While other damsels were busy going down to showcase their uniqueness to the king, Esther was still busy preparing (getting ready) herself because she knew that she would soon be called upon. Don’t be too impatient about life such that you allow the raging torrents of life to remorselessly sweep your fingerlings into a baseless waterfall.

If truly life is in turn, daily live your life like a person that’s expectant of his turn. If you’re not satisfied with the way the activities of your nation or family is coordinated and you believe that you can bring about a positive change, even if not immediate, then, never stop equipping yourself with all that’s needed to fit in to delivering the expected result. Don’t fight them when you don’t have the power yet (when it’s not your turn) because they will successfully wound and molest you. Note that when a man on white attire fights with a pig, he will get stained heavily and the pig will never get embarrassed for it because it is its way of life. You don’t attempt o fight with pigs when you don’t have the weapons to combat its dent-full ways of life. Note that if you need to be properly educated, never hesitate to get it; never be found wanting of the exposure needed to be fit- if you need to join politics in order to bring your quest (solution) into reality, please do. “Wisdom is a principal thing, therefore get wisdom and in all thy getting, get understanding.”

Many people that are far below your age or standard might be rude to you or even ridicule you in the course of getting yourself prepared for your turn but never allow that to empower you to jettison being relevant- you have a target and you need determination to get there. Many people were swift enough to end their blazing destiny because they never knew that life has a turn for them. No matter what you’re going through today because of being single, a time is coming that it will not be good again to be alone (marriage)- don’t be in a hurry to end your blazing destiny because you want to ease off your sexual urge. When your turn comes, you will be tired of the activity.

Note that Moses could not rise to stop the authority molesting the people of Israelites in the land of Egypt until he had an encounter with God on the mountain; Esther dared not go in to stand before the king even though she had the right (because the eviction of queen vashti had presented her the opportunity, and she’s also a virgin) until it was her turn; Joseph dared not go out of prison to stand before king Pharaoh to give a befitting interpretation to the encrypted dream until it was his turn, and he was called upon after all the magicians in the land had woefully failed to unravel the mysterious dream.

Esther was called upon- it was her turn to stand before the king to display her unique features. Opportunities are daily available to everyone but it is only those that are prepared for it that will be able to take an advantage of it. The kind of job you do or the environment you find yourself is never an enough reason to prevent yourself from acute development, you can never tell when the opportunity that will forever change your life and status will surface. Esther never knew that a mere virginity could give her the privilege to stand before the king let alone becoming the queen of a great and noble empire (Babylon) with the largest number of provinces during their time. As Esther stepped out of her chamber, she began to command a unique attention in the sight of everyone that looked upon her. She had everything like every other damsels that had gone before her, but she also had something extraordinary because she had fully prepared herself for the day and this alone took her to the vacant seat of honour.

She was never carried away by the honour, and Royal exposure she daily received while they were still on their training ground (with the chamberlain) before their appearance before the king. Esther committed everything she learnt to heart, and they all paved way for her. Don’t go to school only to get certificate but to add value to yourself. What do you do in your time of waiting for opportunity that will engage your ability to surface? What do you do while you are waiting for your bone-of-bone and flesh-of-flesh? Does your current way of life rightly position you to fit in to your turn? Keep adding value to yourself- stop lamenting like others. Note that until you get the needed feature and exposure, you might not attract the concerned party into your life.



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