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Saul (the first king of the Israelites) was never in any way better than an “errand boy” who was always available for every mission not until the turn of the event of the lost sheep that had to take him far away till he was able to get to the place of being anointed as a king.

Nobody knew the apostles (in doing great works) when Jesus was still on board (on earth with them) until the departure of Jesus that left them with no option than to continue from where he stopped because people have already identified them with Christ. Many will see life as unimportant to live until the turn of the event that will coerce them into the opposite surfaced.
Many people you see at the mountain top today were once at the valley; many footballers people gather to watch while on pitch today were once a spectator, and they will soon hang boots too once their time expire.

Some Chief Executive Officers you see up there today were once a mere clerk, servant, nobody and more. Note that your turn and your friends’ might not be simultaneous (occur at the same time) and the time lag (space) between them might be wide but note that everyone does have a timing(turn). Don’t be envious of their achievement.

Saul was envious of David because he attracted many praises of men than him and because of this, he started chasing him till the lost of his life in the process; the apostles celebrated Jesus and even got him the donkey to ride on when he was to enter into Jerusalem, and they ended up being celebrated too- they stood before kings. Elisha celebrated Elijah (hr never talked foul of his master) and he was celebrated; Joshua celebrated Moses, and he was celebrated too. Criticism is good but rather make it constructive and not destructive- note that it is very easy for spectators to easily sight the flaws of the players on the pitch, and they even score more goals with their mouths and legs while on seat than the players on pitch.

It is easy to sight the flaws of those in any position when you’re not involved in it. Don’t criticize them to bring them down to nothing but to help them cheaply get rid of their flaws. Note that it is not worth it to criticize people when you’re yet to do better than them- many businesses sprung up not to debase the value of the existing ones but to improve on the current practices and standards. If you can sight their flaws now, what then are you doing to make life better for people to live in when it comes to your turn?

Many people find it difficult to attract and retain opportunities in life even though it is their turn to stand before kings simply because they are not dressed for life but only for occasions. You will soon be called up stage when it is your turn- don’t be gorgeously dressed for occasions and poorly dressed for life.

Live your life daily like you are expectant of your turn to be called upon by the king to showcase your unique features that makes you special among others.

Note that many with political ambition in several underdeveloped nations of the world usually fall victim of only criticizing any ongoing administration without making effort in working on the best way to tackle challenges because they ate uninformed that life is in turn and when it gets to their turn, they do much worse than the previous administration.

Vashti had been evicted from the palace because of her “rude behaviour” and the king needed to replace her with another befitting damsel. A recruitment announcement was made and the palace was filled up with befitting damsels suitable to be the next queen but the king had to select the one that most enthused him. This process required them to be going in to the king one after the other. Despite the fact that all the damsels were qualified and befitting, they had to wait for their turn to be called upon.



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