Identity- A Case of Mordecai

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Promoting the unrighteous people in a nation is like selling the ruling staff of such a nation to unrighteousness or a way of making life difficult for the few ones that will never be ready to sell themselves to unrighteousness. Promotion is usually done mostly to reward committed people of their hard labour in the progress of a particular course or to ensure that they defend a course and see to its fulfilment. No noble man will have an intention of promoting a crooked person to the level of coordinating the entire affairs of his estate except if he’s ready to die untimely.

Hamaan was promoted without any ill-feeling (in good faith) by the king so that the administration of the kingdom can run smoothly but the seat of power rapidly became a means for Hamaan to execute his evil intention. His egoistic attitude rapidly manifested and utterly consumed him such that he started maltreating the people he had been appointed to promote their interest. Hamaan began to demand honour from where he had not earned it- many were forced to honour him because of the fear of his position but for those that knew what it meant to earn respect by contribution and not by one’s position failed to honour him and the struggle between Hamaan and Mordecai began in spite of their discrepancy in title and position.

Mordecai was not just learning righteousness, it is his way of life before he became enslaved. He was deeply immersed in it and his life constantly emits the aroma. Unrighteousness does not successfully thrive in a place where Mordecai is found even though he was a nobody in Babylon, it must be exposed, even though it would put him in trouble. Every human identity is not defined by their physical structure or composition but by what our life constantly emits. John the Baptist sent some people to Jesus when John was incarcerated (imprisoned) to ask him if he was the saviour or they should wait for another but Jesus’ response to them was that they should just go and tell John the Baptist all they could see his life emits and from that he can infer whether he’s the anticipated saviour or they are to wait for the real saviour.

Mordecai does not cheaply succumb to ungodly authorities because of material gains because he sensed that the resultant effect will be deadly to their peaceful and healthy living. He felt uneasy sighting unrighteousness germinating unhindered in his place of assignment- it’s against his nature. Every investment you make in ensuring that the will of God is effectively established in your place of assignment will surely be rewarded, although, it might not be immediate. Never allow your commitment to ensuring that the will of God is established in your place of assignment dwindle because there was no immediate compensation for your effort- God will never owe any man any reward.

The low estate of Mordecai never stopped him from standing for God to expose unrighteousness. He’s a gate keeper, but he’s never insensitive to every happening within the palace- nothing unrighteous that will ever affect the peace of the palace will ever pass through his gate without his awareness.

Sometimes God can choose to bring us down low in order to cheaply see the wickedness daily perpetrated by the higher authorities- it’s easy to see the errors of the players when you’re not on the pitch with them. Mordecai was brought to the land on the platform of slavery and he later became a royal gate keeper but in spite of his condition, his righteous way of life could still not be strangulated- he cannot condole unrighteousness. He exposed every unrighteousness he sees not because he’s expectant of any gain.

Note that there’s no kindness that will not be rewarded but the reward might not be immediate but when you least expected. He exposed Bigthan and Teresh that plotted evil against the king not because he wanted Royal rewards (moreover, he never wanted to be identified with the scene) but because his nature detests evil- he doesn’t seem to agree with wickedness. And now this nature of his had created enmity between him and Hamaan, yet, he’s never ready to give up his identity because of his opposition that’s backed up by the seat of power.



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