Identity- A Case of Mordecai 2

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Mordecai was just a mere gate keeper but his duty spanned beyond gate keeping (opening and closing of gate for anyone coming in or going out of palace). He believes that the survival of the lives and properties residing within the palace depends on his ability to constantly keep a close watch on everything within and outside the palace that can secretly sneak in to terminate the peace of the palace. He never saw his duty as an auxiliary duty but the backbone of the existence of the palace and this invariably affects his commitment positively.

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He sensed that the wanton display of power by Hamaan could be detrimental to the growth and peace of the palace, therefore, he’s never ready to allow that in spite of his unknown position in the palace. You will surely be remembered for either of these two things in life: the problem you created or fueled or the problem you solved. The seat of power rapidly became a place where the weakness of many are cheaply sighted because they behave nonchalantly in working on themselves when they are yet to assume the position. If a mere gate keeper could stop unrighteousness from thriving successfully in the palace of king Ahasuerus, then, the position of authority you currently occupy is too much for God to expose the unrighteousness that has hitherto been spreading its wings in your office, church, nation and more.

Mordecai was ready to risk anything, even his life, to ensure that the will of God is established. God does not just allow you to be in that position by mistake but he strategically positioned you there to establish his will. Although, you made serious efforts in submitting several CVS and proposals before you could get that contract or job but God had strategically positioned you there for his will.
Immediately Mordecai took charge of the gate keeping role in the palace of Ahasuerus, everything in the palace witnessed a change- the level of unrighteousness drastically dwindled. No role is unimportant, all you need is to make your position of duty counts in the growth of the affairs of the organization or administration.

Mordecia’s presence in the palace indirectly dictated a new rule for the administration of the palace- it infused a new blood into the body system of the administration. The position you occupy is important in the agenda of God.
God entrusted just a mere gate keeping role into the hands of Mordecai and a great improvement was seen in the kingdom of Ahasuerus, how much more if he’s promoted? Many people are so fraudulent to the extent that nothing valuable can be entrusted into their care. If God should entrust some flocks (children) into the care of some people, they rapidly do nothing other than to start manipulating their wealth to become theirs through ungodly messages and parade themselves to be much more in need than the flocks God had placed under their care. Many men of God cannot be entrusted with females within a short while, it’s a deadly zone to them because they will surely extort their bodies. Note that your growth in the agenda of God is dependent on your faithfulness in the previous and current assignment committed into your care- no role is too small to be unimportant in bringing God’s will into fulfilment.

Standing for God can make you witness the threat of death like Hamaan did unto Mordecai and like king Nebuchadnezzar did unto the three Hebrews. They prepared the fire that was to roast them in their presence and they even saw what happened to the people that prepared the fire through the hands of fire but they were not going to surrender their nature for what they can see- they were ready to die for what they believe. No righteous man will stand tall in an unrighteous land or environment without witnessing the missiles of threat from the conglomerates or confederation of the unrighteous. Stand for what you know about who you are. If you believe you’re are too great to be limited, too blessed to be stranded, too loaded to be defeated, too young to be tied down and too en-grace to be disgraced, ensure you stand for it.



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