Foundation of Reproach 5

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Devil is a liar, he is a rogue and a deceiver. He claimed to have authority over lives because it’s been delivered unto him. Note that he had done nothing but lied. He had treacherously dealt with many and made them to believe that his sayings are true. He paints his words to make them attractive, enticing and acceptable unto humans that he can successfully get through to them. Devil does not and will never have any authority over the creations of God.

God has never passed his authority over his works to the devil as the devil had acclaimed; he owns it, he made it- all were made for him and unto him. Devil is an ancient thief, liar and a deceiver, don’t be ignorant of his vices. He that holds his enemy in a very high esteem even above his God is not a man of faith, but he that talks about what God can do farther than what is confronting him. The promises of God are louder than the sounds of the missiles of the enemy. The oppression of the enemy is real, of a truth, but the delivering power of God is more real than the oppression of the enemy.

If you’re not depressed, you can never be oppressed; if you do not allow the thought about your current situation to hold a sturdy stem in your mind, your emotions cannot be easily molested by the devil.

There are certain blessings that belongs to you but there are some certain level perfection you must attain before you can have direct access to it. If God promises to give you something and you’re yet to receive it, note that it’s either not the appropriate time to be delivered to you or you’re yet to meet his conditions. Sufferings many a time helps us to adjust our ways to the will of God when we are not on the track.

Sometimes, he leads us through a narrow way or path of affliction to perfect our lives or to remove the chaff that the original might manifest. Your affliction is not to kill you but to prune you. Your affliction is for a while and if it extends beyond a while, then, it is nothing but a curse and the work of any curse had been destroyed by the blood of Jesus on the cross. Note that whatever you do not know is greater than you. Bear in mind that you do not win the devil by propaganda but by skill and wisdom, therefore, you need to get wisdom (Proverbs 4:7).

The moment you battle with a particular unknown in your life that’s void of lucid interpretation often and the more you wage war against it, the stronger it seems to become, examine the bedrock of the challenges– no curse without a curse.
At this stage, you need to retract from the “kill and die” prayers and ask God critical questions about the stubborn problem- there’s nothing prayer cannot change except for the ones that their foundations have not been discovered. Many people invest a lot of time and effort in prayers, and they end up getting little or no result because they were fighting the wrong course. The fact that you fought the wrong course (leaving the original course behind) and you won doesn’t deliver you from the adversary.

Note that your deliverance begins by first discovering what the enemy is and the offence he’s holding against you. You might be innocent of the offence or you might have even forgotten but the devil will always want to bring it to remembrance because he’s a historian. The error might not be committed by you or even your family or even when no one has the idea (secretly) but in as much as you stem from the same lineage or bear the name with the generation of the people that have erred and you have failed to repent of such evil that had been committed simply because you were not part of those that committed the error doesn’t exonerate you from the lashes of the devil. Note that it’s only Achan that took out of the accursed thing, and the entire Israelites suffered for it in the hands of a small nation called Ai. It’s only Korah, Dathan and Abiram that sinned against God and their entire family suffered for it.

Reuben alone went to his father’s couch to sleep with his father’s wife, and several generations suffered for it not until a prophetic proclamation from Moses put it to a stop. Judah alone committed adultery with the wife of his son and many generations suffered for lack of crown because of the singular act. You cannot cheaply finish the enemy you do not know his secret- it’s very easy for David to cheaply defeat the ancient Philistine warrior because he sighted a loophole in the forehead of the warrior that other warriors from David’s side could not see. You can do several unbounded exploits where others failed woefully if you can discover the cause of their failure and proffer accurate solutions



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