Conundrum- A decision that must be made

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Captivity has the tendency of removing man from his position to a place he would never have wanted. It takes man away from his place of strength, honour, and idea to where he can do little or nothing but rather endure situation and keep hoping for divine intervention.

Captivity constrains man to live a life that’s not pleasing (a compromised life) even to him- it brings man into subjection, molestation and a dynamic form of oppression. Although, captivity makes life difficult for man, nevertheless, never allow your condition to bring you into confusion.

Being in captivity is not a cogent reason to jettison sanctity.

Your root is not expected to determine your route; if you do not bend your back, no man can successfully ride on you.
In spite of the condition of Mordecai (being a gate keeper although in a royal compound) found himself in the land of Babylon, he never hesitated to raise a godly daughter that’s suitable to be a Queen. Your pride in the moment of trial is the solution you’re still able to give unto generations of people in spite of your condition. Despite the fact that Joseph was in captivity, his current situation never stopped him from being fit to proffer the needed management problem in the house of Potiphar, give a befitting solution to the problem of his fellow bondmen even when the situation around him gives him no hope of survival and he finally also stood before the king o the land to serve as a solution bearer because in spite of his earlier condition before he had the privilege to stand before the king, he had always been a blessing to everyone around him in spite of what he was going through.

Never cease doing good in spite of your condition because you can never tell if the antidote to your current condition is embedded in doing good. Daniel was in captivity in the land of Babylon when he was able to get the kings dream that he forgot and also gave the interpretation. Never allow your current unpleasant situation to woo you out of being a solution and a blessing unto people. Note that history found a reason to keep in record the deed of the young girl in the land of Babylon despite the fact that she was in captivity, simply because she made herself to be a channel unto the needed solution for Namaan (the captain of the Babylon warrior). The moment of captivity or challenges is a time to make a decision for or against your situation.

Esther was a slave, and an orphan yet beautiful. She was an attractive damsel that men are easily attracted to at first sight- she could have used her charming beauty to extort people in making money that they (her uncle and her) might live a bouyant type of life. She was in captivity and she has several reasons to live her life as occasion deserves because there seem to be ‘no one’ to control, correct, and command her to do what is right (because she was an orphan) but her humility to learn the truth made her to submit herself to the lordship of her uncle (Modecai) and she ended up being the best among the best of qualified prospective queen to king Ahasuerus. Never allow your current condition to bring you to an eternal condemnation. God sometimes gives us the privilege to choose between alternatives of the options he will present before us to know how sensitive we are to our sense of destiny. It is usually a conundrum I.e. a situation whereby a decision must be made either for or against our situation- it is not a time to be silent.

He (God) sometimes withdraw many benefits that can ease o our pains at that moment of life to determine whether we are only standing for him simply because of the daily benefits we receive. Many people that are to stand in for manager might not be available at this moment; there might be no clue available but a decision must be made either for or against.

John C. Maxwell says “There’s a choice you have to make in everything you do. So keep in mind that in the end, the choice you make, makes you.”



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