Prayer is not independent of good character (Spiritual gifts or spiritual fruits)

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Learn to do good, prayer is never independent of good character. Don’t use prayer to cover up your wickedness. Anointing without character is a disaster. If you leave your role undone and you are expecting God to bless you, even when you have made no attempt, you will only remain wretched and die struggling. God will not do what you are to do for you. Do not substitute prayer for had work: prayer is never a tool to cover up your laziness (prayer plus hard work equals good success).

Many people on earth died struggling not because they couldn’t pray but because their character repelled the needed help. Their prayers rapidly delivered the anticipated results but their character made the results invisible or ephemeral. Several answers to many people’s request had been released times without numbers but many a time into the custody of him they have practically vowed never to have anything doing with again. Note that following peace with all men is never exempted from the conditions needed, coupled with holiness to seeing God.

Both spiritual fruits and gifts of the spirit are the seal to our certificates in the kingdom of God. They were both prepared with the mindset of helping us to live a prosperous life on earth and still reign with him on the final day. They were independently created, but they are interrelated elements functioning as a whole. God does not want us to be heavenly conscious and be earthly useless likewise he doesn’t want us to be earthly concerned such that we can be easily displaced in His heavenly agenda.

No spiritual gift is relevant in heaven; all were given to live a prosperous life on earth.

There is no one with any infirmity in heaven to heal and neither is there anyone to prophesy unto nor anyone to deliver from any demonic oppression. Every spiritual gift is given for a terrestrial agenda through to heaven, even though it was given through a celestial visitation.

Note that any spiritual gift that remains unused will automatically become useless or irrelevant once the demise of the carrier is declared. No gift is given for self proclamation but strictly for an active kingdom business and the giver anticipates returns. Any unused gift cannot bring return, and so also is any kingdom deposited gift used in the world instead of the kingdom business cannot yield any return for the kingdom and both attract celestial penalties. Note that an unused gift will make you a wasteful investment.

Every spiritual gift is a revelation of the celestial kindness to the mortal creatures and the full manifestation of this began the day God decided to start living among human through the holy spirit.

No spiritual gift is given to man in order to drag man to the world but to bring the world to the lord. We might be functioning at present on the terrestrial, but we have a celestial configuration, that is, our existence is not limited to this world. If we truly have a home, then, there’s a pathway leading there but the way is rough and tough, and this calls for the need for some basic elements that can help us to make the journey “smooth” and safe, hence, the fruits of the spirit.
Note that the fruit of the spirit doesn’t exonerate you from being molested by the devil; Holiness doesn’t exempt you from living like a pauper on earth but it can make you live like a king in heaven.

Heaven is meant for holy people and not spiritually gifted people.

If you are spiritually gifted without spiritual fruits, you might enjoy the earth to its peak but be a potent firewood in hell. Spiritual gifts without spiritual fruits can place you at an advantage to live a kingly life with a heavy dose of honour (hired instrument) on earth while you enjoy the heat of the blazing fire in heaven; hell. Every spiritual gift is given with the mindset of moving every being from being a natural man to becoming a spiritual force- it makes man to cheaply command the same result as God.

Note that every gift is for service and anyone not used for service will bring pride. Spiritual fruits can jealously package you for both earthly a heavenly relevance; don’t overlook it because it can sustain your the relevance of your existence during and after your presence in earth.

Why do people lack spiritual gifts?

  • Service

No empowerment without a commission. No authority without a position. Revelation of grace (spiritual gifts) is for a great assignment. People lack spiritual gifts not because of its non-availability but because they lack the spirits of servitude. Every gift comes with a mandate; a charge with service. God will never bless you beyond your desire to promote his kingdom. Anointing was released upon the apostles by the reason of their willingness to preach the gospel; God was ready to communicate with Samuel even at his tender age as a result of his availability- listening ear. The moment some people are empowered, they become too big to control. And God is never ready to be a channel through which your destruction will be announced. No secrets could be kept hidden from Abraham by God because He knew that Abraham was going to teach his children the way of the lord. Spiritual gift is a privilege to draw from the unending flow of the power of God and it is only available for the servants (those with the heart of service). Any spiritual gift not used for service can easily waste the carrier because it will successfully fill their hearts with pride and end up dragging them to the world.

  • Motive

The motive of many while asking for spiritual gift is very wrong. If the motive is not in line with Gods will, irrespective of the number of hours and days your ask for it, you might not have it.

  • Why do people lack spiritual fruits?

Power does not buy everything. If people can not freely operate under your reign, they will quickly see themselves as cogs or slaves. Many people believe that their spiritual gifts can make them relevant in all aspect with little or no presence of spiritual fruits. John Hagee opined that Money (power) can buy you a breathtaking splendour, but money (power) cannot buy you the love and respect of the people who live in it.”



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