Man- A Social Being

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Written by: Gbenga Olorunfemi (B.sc. Accounting)

The way man is wired is that he can not stand alone. When I mean stand alone, I mean live in a place alone. He needs somebody.

The relationship of Adam, the first man, started with God a superior being. He talked with God daily . God will come down to dialogue with him. He will ask him about his works and what have you. But God saw that man needed someone other than himself. Not because God is tired of him or that he can’t see God, but man needs someone he can talk to in the course of their activities. In fact, research has shown that we last long on the job we have people around to discuss with physically.

The garden served various purposes; home, place of work, place of worship, place of leisure etc. We have to relate everywhere we go. Some people today, they want to avoid others. No! Still relate with them. Adam and Eve lived with animals of different kinds but they never behave like them. That I relate with you doesn’t mean I support you. They are two different things. If they want you to support them, that is when you should excuse them. So run away!

Sometimes ago, I used to think that anyone who lives way-ward life should not be my friend. Those people who join politics will prevent me from making heaven if I relate with them. No! It is all a lie. This will only happen if I follow their way. Like I said earlier, we can only end the relationship if it becomes dangerous.

The serpent came to Eve and told her to follow her way and she did. That was what brought judgement on human race. Your relationship has a lot to say about your future (posterity). We should always note that Adam relationship started with God and not man. So any human relationship that will affect divine relationship should be dropped.

When I mean you make friends, I mean greeting and asking for their welfare but not to follow or support them. At least, for those who don’t want to follow our way of life.

Many people have missed their opportunities not because they have sinned but because they don’t know how to relate.

You are born to relate both with God and man so don’t not seclude yourself from people. Nevertheless, relate not succumb to wrong lifestyle.



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