Earth- The Abode of the Kings 2

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God created the earth, and he put kings there to be the ruler of which we are. He does not commit his resources into the hands of a novice or infants. His blessings and resources are too costly to be wasted therefore, if you find yourself being in the custody of God’s given resources, note that you are not an ordinary being but a resourceful one.

You might be void of your identity but God is never clueless about whom you are because he created and configured you and he knows the area you can fit into and the moment your abilities can be best utilized. Your nature (colour) of skin was never primarily determined by you but your creator- all to suit the purpose of your creation. Have you ever questioned God about the reason you found yourself in that lineage you are? I know that your answer might be No and the fact is that it seems unimportant. But, the reason is that God is about to use you, probably unidentified, but unique features to change the status quo of the game to proclaim your presence and as well give unique solutions to other earthly creatures.

If you want discoveries, if you want to disrupt the status quo, if you want to make progress and find new ways of thinking and doing, you need to ask questions. Questions are first link in the chain of discovery and innovation- John C. Maxwell

God created the earth for the kings and not for the kids and that’s who we are; he created us to be gods and not baby dolls. Challenges do not change your identity as one of the kings except you choose to dive out of his covered zones. Even, several great kings before your existence were never exempted from wars. Note that any strange thing, no matter how minute, if it enters into the eyes, it will surely make life difficult for the eyes. The same way it is for God when sin enters into our mortal body, it cannot be persevered.
Every mortal creature of God on earth is a king and that’s why God is referred to as “King of all kings” because he’s the only king that does not go through any coronation process, while every other ones went through it either by man of their kind or by God. Every man went through coronation by God to be kings at their creation. God’s crown was not weaved by anyone and neither was anyone present when he was to become a king- a supreme being.
You are a king (leader) because every decision you make does not only affect you but every constituency occupied by every other creatures under your Dominion.

John C. Maxwell says “when a leader makes a bad decision, it affects not only him but many people.”

A leader that cannot lead himself aright will lead others astray. The earth is created for the kings i.e. people that can actively make decisions that can positively affect lives and that’s why the first charge from God to the first man came with a lining of royal tone that they are to dominate and subdue and with the ability to be creative (invent) so that their existence will not be ridiculed by other creatures.

Slaves can neither dominate nor subdue, and even though they have creative abilities, they are usually subjected to the dominion of whom they serve.
The intention of God at the inception of creation was to create kings (rulers) whose authority will be given to in great measure to rule the earth, the same way God’s authority is dominant in heaven, nevertheless, their authority is subjected to their creator’s.
It is so displeasing today that the created kings (man) are now the ones living in fear of everything that has been subjected to their authority by the order of creation. If you are therefore part of godly creation, then, count yourself as an emperor. The More you lead and the more you succeed, the more others will expect from you says John C. Maxwell
Note that if a king choose to live the life of a slave, the treatment he will receive from people will not in any way better than that of a slave. Carry yourself always with a sense of dignity of your identity, it’s never pride but self-worth.



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