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Every mortal is a creature whose epidermis is a reflection of celestial pulchritude. Every other mortal amenable submit their crowns to celebrate your existence because it’s a reflection of heavenly kindness to homo sapiens since it depicts a release of an anticipated solution. Never allow your idiosyncratic behaviour present you to be an ingrate such that you find it unimportant to glorify the originator of your existence daily because several other creature like you struggled for the privilege you have on earth at the same time, day and moment with you prior to your journey to manifestation but God declared you the winner. Note that your existence is truly a revelation of God-given solution and a termination of an age-long manifestation of some unwanted annihilating experiences.

Several mortal creatures daily celebrate your existence in several known and unknown ways, although in their own little ways, which might be out of your knowledge. Many words of appreciation are daily made unto the originator of your existence simply because of the revelation of your existence. The revelation of your existence is daily given a royal treatment not simply because you were (maybe) born into a royal family or have a royal attachment or because of your age, size, skin colour and many more but because of the contents you’re pregnant of which is automatically an answer or the link to the solutions they’ve long awaited. The joy of many were ignited at your birth while some persistently escalate because the presence of your existence pronounces the end of their torments or unconstrained growth and expansion.

You might be daily ridiculed because of the happenings in your life at present but the thought about who you are (celebrity) should always give you several reasons not to give up. You might at present be among the set of people that places no value on your existence but note that the number and generations of people that think less of you are lesser than those that daily celebrate your existence (although it might be unknown to you for now but the moment your purpose is accomplished, it will surely become glaring) and this has not given you the effrontery to live an animalistic/carefree life.

“The reason a soldier is respected is not because of the uniform but because of the sense of duty he carries. With or without uniform, his duty remains, and he continues to be resected.” 

The honour made for you is not in the attire you put on but the solution you are loaded with gives you a befitting regalia.

If you can see the challenges before you clearer than the contents you carry, you will surely be bereaved of your identity. The voice of the world that’s against you might be very loud but the promises of God for you is louder than the voices of the world. Stop giving attention to how great your adversary is (adversary usually intimidate with their sizes) but rather concentrate your effort on how cheap to finish it.

The lord loves us all equally- whenever parents give birth to a new baby, their love tends to shift extensively to the new baby, but for God irrespective of your age, size, and colour, he loves us equally. If anointing (power of God; authority) does not depart from you, no man can molest you. Honour delivers to man what his above his capacity.
Note that no adversary will access you when you are strong but when you’re defenceless. Eve was not assessed when she was with Adam but when she’s alone and her mind was engaged in a critical conversation. David was not assessed by adultery when he was in armour but when he was defenceless by emotion. Don’t purposefully drag your potentials to a remote environment where you will find no help and acclaim to be helping people when you even need help- your fall will be groundbreaking.

When a man and a lady are in a place alone, note that the third being there with them is the devil.

Note that celebrants usually give an undivided attention to making their day glorious and becoming the talk the town. If of a truth you are a God-ordained celebrant, always make effort to daily make your existence worth cerebrating such that every creature will always thank God or making you a part of their life and generation. Do not allow God to be an object of ridicule simply because of your existence such that people daily interrogate God if of a truth you’re one of his creatures since they know that godly creatures are good and what they can see about your life emit daily is a glaring contradiction.



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