Beyond Qualifications

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Many people might be eligible but not all will be selected. The favoured are the chosen, selected, appointed and certified. God is daily in search of those that are fit for the execution of his current intentions on earth.

No matter the level of decadence prevailing in the whole earth, there are still lots of people that have never fallen below the level of the godly required standard of living. They are qualified; they are fit, they possess all the required features for the proper execution of the current project but many will end up not being picked not because they are physically impaired or their look is not befitting to the eyes but because they are not favoured at the moment for the purpose. Note that eligibility does not automatically mean you will be selected, it only gives the one to choose between alternative the first time impression of being selected.


Failure has rapidly become the companion of many people not simply because they were deficient of the needed features for the execution of the project, but they mostly attached their eligibility to what their qualifications can deliver to them. Behold, if that is your way of life, you can never cease being a failure! Note that you need grace for the race among your mates in order to be staged above- winner! Grace will make you ride on the wings on God to stardom. Grace can deliver to you what’s above your capability. For any open position, there are always lots of qualified but only the favoured will be selected. Do not only rely on what your qualifications can deliver unto you; you need grace- grace can qualify the unqualified. Mortal connection might fail (because the greatest disappointment you can encounter in life will stem from man) but grace can never fail (it’s from God).


If grace does not depart from you, no man can molest you-it was easy for the Philistine to cheaply molest Samson because the grace (hair which depicted the presence of God) departed from him. Be careful of who you are always annoyed with, note that the grace upon some people can cheaply disgrace you.

Immediately Queen Vashti misbehaved, and she was removed from her position, the position remained vacant which was not meant to be, therefore, it must be filled up with another qualified (the one that possesses all the features that will enthuse the king) damsel. The king needed another queen but this time around, a virgin. In spite of the moral decadence in the milieu, the king deserved a damsel that’s not sexually perverse as a queen, and he’s not going to debase the standard. A decree was passed to recruit virgin damsels across the entire provinces under them. This was ultimately done with a mindset of reducing the numbers of qualified applicants, so that the selection process will be done without stress but in spite of the listed requirements, qualified maidens were still many and Esther, one of the slaves, tried her luck too.


All the maidens were virgins and beautiful; they were all given the same royal treatment while in the palace before the selection of the befitting queen but all do not emerge as the queen.
Only one damsel named Esther emerged as the queen even though they were all qualified but Esther was favoured among others. Certifications can make you selectable but grace can make you the selected without rigorous or no considerations or conditions.

Take note of the man with infirmity by the river Bethesda that was healed by Jesus Christ having been in that position for thirty-eight years. He was not the only one present by the pool of Bethesda as at the time Jesus visited the pool. They were many and all were qualified to receive the kindness of Jesus because they all suffered from one ailment or the other but Jesus’ attention was only drawn to this very man out of numerous numbers of people with infirmity there, why? He was not only qualified but also engraced to receive healing.
It is time to choose a new king for the Israelites since the current one (Saul) had been rejected by God due to his disobedience.


Samuel (the prophet) was instructed by God to move unto the house of Jesse from where the choice man for the vacant seat will be selected. Immediately the prophet got there, and “all the children” (the important ones to Jesse) of Jesse were arrayed before him, he moved on to the process of anointing the one he thought to be the next king but none of them was approved by God, saved David, a mere errand boy in the wilderness overlooking the flocks.

Qualifications will deliver an aggregate measure of what you deserve unto you (qualifications work with the principle of meritocracy) but grace can cheaply deliver what you deserve and above it unto you coupled with what don’t deserve. Note that grace can buy what Money is deficient to acquire for you. Qualifications might be essential but it might not be sufficient.



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