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The prophet (Samuel) was amazed at the responses he got from God after several attempts he made to pour the oil on each of the arrayed children of Jesse but God had not approved any of them. David had to be called upon from the wilderness to be anointed as the king. Don’t hastily jump out of the wilderness of life because you are deserted by your loved ones or because you are tensed when God had not declared it over. Note that God sometimes keeps you lonely to be holy and to preserve your blazing glory. All the arrayed children of Jesse before prophet Samuel were qualified to be the next king of the Israelites (they all possess the physical features of what is required to be a king) but they were not en-graced for that purpose.

Grace can qualify the unqualified; it is a careful blending of the element of mercy and favour. Mercy removes mortal guilts in a grand style and makes him blameless while favour cheaply delivers unusual results unto man. Qualification is not enough- if you’re qualified and not en-graced, you might end up being disgraced. Grace announces your unusual abilities in the quarters of those that understand its worth and can appreciate and reward it handsomely. Certifications can make you qualify but grace can make you certified.

The parable of the ten virgins made by Jesus also portrayed some elements of grace. They were all virgins- they kept themselves away from things of the world, they were holy, fit and qualified to welcome the husband man. But the husband man tarried, therefore, that needed something beyond their qualifications (virginity) to be able to remain totally fit. Beyond their qualifications, they needed some oil to their lamps and these depict focus, patience, determination, and perseverance. But only a few of them could get to this level in spite of them all being qualified. Beyond your holiness, you need good character; beyond your anointing, you need good mannerisms- anointing without good character is a disaster. Stop speaking in tongues on your way to hell- put yourself on a daily check.
Beyond your qualification, you need grace- it makes the race end in praise in spite of the deadly terrain filled with maze of challenges.

Grace can bring you out of prison and make you a ruler (A case of Joseph); it can bring you out of wilderness and make you a king (A case of David); bring you out of slavery and make you a Queen (A case of Esther); it can bring you out of the dung of being a murder and make you a gospel ambassador (A case of Saul that became Paul); it can bring you out of nonsense and make you the most sought with accurate senses (A case of Abraham); it can finally bring you out of the den of lion to dine with the king (A case of Daniel).

The only way to keep your honour in any godly assignment is not to allow God to make any displacement profession over you because once it is made, it might be difficult to retract, if not impossible, because his words proceed with authority. You are too precious in the hand of God to be lost and that’s why he leads, guides, instructs, corrects, preserves and constantly back you up in his assignment but if you parade yourself to be too old (mature) to be controlled, then He’s done with you- He will order for a replacement.

Any disobedience to God’s words is practically not only done to God but also to the entire host of heaven. The only barrister representing mankind amidst the entire host of heaven is Jesus.
Vashti (the queen of Ahasuerus) misbehaved at the peak of her honour, and she’s remorselessly removed. Any error committed at the top can be easily seen by everyone. Do not allow disobedience to throw you out of relevance and honour. Don’t allow your constant preoccupation to remove you from the palace of the lord- he’s never short of generals. Shame is easy to publicised faster than honour, most especially when it involves a noble man. Vashti never knew the implications of what she’d done unto the king by not answering the call until she was thrown out of honour (palace) and the shame was massively publicise. Vashti was ignorant of the implications of her decisions of not honouring the King’s call until she landed in the trouble of being stripped of her honour and in place clothed with shame.

Immediately some people successfully climb the ladder of honour to the position of authority, they started behaving animalistic because they hastily forgot that they were not the only qualified person for the position of honour they now find themselves (even though they have actively laboured/worked for it but many even worked for it more than them, yet they failed to end up in that position) but grace brought them there out of the numerous numbers of qualified people, they were singled out by grace- God deliberately delayed the greatness of many to make you great (raise the mast of your presence and honour); stop behaving abnormally because you are at the top today.

Vashti (The wife of the king Ahasuerus) thought she was the only one qualified to be the queen of king Ahasuerus, therefore, she never treated the words of the king with utmost authority or priority over every other engagement in the palace any longer. Immediately her error was publicised and a recruitment announcement was made for the selection of a new queen made, several other qualified maidens filled up the palace- the announcements came with a very sound condition; virginity is important. In spite of the condition, the numbers of qualified maidens were still overwhelming. Don’t be caught unaware that you’re not the only qualified person for any great position you find yourself today, note that grace brought you there. Endeavour to optimise the use of the grace for the purpose in which you were called there. A misused grace can bring shame.



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