The Call and The Called 3

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Esther 1:5
The king of the earth (Ahasuerus) showed the glory of his kingdom many days, how much more God? He is always ready to go extra mile in publicising the unique features of anyone he longs to bring up stage. God has been feeding the whole earth from the inception of the earth and his kingdom has never gone bankrupt. In spite of the daily numerous growth of the populations of the earthly creatures, none has ever been deprived of their basic needs by God.

If we are daily present in the palace of the king (will of God), he’s able to meet our physiological needs. Once our presence is announced in his kingdom for his daily feast, his attention is immediately drawn to our needs.

No man can deal with God like a stranger and receive the blessing of a son or daughter. Beware, the fact that you’re daily present in the place of worship doesn’t automatically qualify you to be in the will of God, it only gives you the privilege to align yourself with the will of God.
There is no paucity of generals in the kingdom of God, do not parade yourself to be too useful such that you remain indispensable or quite irrelevant that you cannot be used- God uses the fool to confound the wisdom of the wise. No man is too important to be removed and no man is too useless to become ineligible for God’s honour- honour is only made available for those that strictly acknowledge and keep his words.
The longevity of your familiarity with God doesn’t make you to be too important to be indispensable- adherence to his word is the only thing that makes man fit for his agenda.

Every punishment from God is an expression of his true love for man, and he demands an immediate correction. The moment you go wrong and God has refused to deal with you any longer, note that your destruction is already set. Abiding in the court of the king is a stress-free way to unlock the doors to receiving your daily needs. Gender discrimination is never allowed in the feast of the lord, everyone will be treated fairly and equally. Although, everyone is equal before the lord but our level of obedience to his word will determine the gravity of our honour in his will.

There is no mortal being that doesn’t deserve royal treatment from God (being a minister doesn’t place anyone at an advantage) but the only condition to this is abiding in his will. God cheaply exalts those that value his word. The moment a man is out of His will, he is automatically deprived of the royal appelage he goes about with daily and people will begin to deal with him like an ordinary person

You can’t exalt God’s word and end up being insulted (ashamed); exalting God’s word is never different from exalting God. Nothing attracts wretchedness faster than diving out of the will of God. Note that diving out of the will of God systematically withers the hands of God over a life- it makes man unprotected (Zech 2:14-15)

The honour you enjoy as a man of God is not the one created for you by your position but the one you earn by abiding in the will of God. The righteousness you enjoy as a believer is not the one you earn by your hard labour but the one purchased for you and me by the blood of redemption. You can work for holiness but you can only earn righteousness as a birth right. The moment you’re born again, the righteousness of the lord is automatically imputed in you to match up with God’s will.

No call comes without any event to usher in your arrival- beware of every event in your life, there are reasons for their manifestation. When any joint in the body suffers dislocation, the entire body will suffer the pain. Rest and peace was situated in the garden of Eden, but immediately Adam and Eve were moved out of the garden, struggling and toiling automatically became a part of their lives. The call of God tells you how important you are in His agenda, never attempt to give up the privilege to be relevant.



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