The Call and the Called 2

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Every call from God is a privilege to be known and be more relevant. It is an unfettered opportunity to make man more significant than what he’s been known to be or what he’d known himself to be.
God does not have a definite kingdom; the call of God is to certify man in heaven and reveal him on earth to mortals. The entire earth is of the Lord and its fullness and anyone called by Him is automatically given the privilege to perform on the stage created by God and actively viewed by the whole earth I.e. whenever God calls man, he is practically on a mission to make known your person and your unique features to the participants of his entire kingdom (heaven and earth), thereby making man a centre of attraction and attention. There are some dominant but specific features that you possess as a man that’s only known to God and only few participants of His entire kingdom but the moment you’re called by Him is the same time he’s prepared to publicise the presence of your unique features to the entire provinces he reigns over and also make known the worth and the magnanimity of your existence in his kingdom.

The call of God gives specificity and clarity to every mans life designed purpose; it clearly defines the assignment, place of execution and the process of execution. The call is not a burden but a blessing- do not parade yourself to be too busy such that you miss the privilege to have your name freely published round the whole earthly kingdom; every call from God is embedded with a commensurate honour. Note that every call from God is an unpaid form of climbing the ladder of recognition to the apex. Do not trivialise the privilege to be blessed, honoured and freely publicised.
The honour for every call had been made available prior to the call: the honour is not the one that’s just going to be made but the ability of the called to swiftly hearken to the call accordingly makes him eligible for the prepared commensurate honour.

Every call from God is a signal to an honorary feast prepared for you. No call from God without a feast.

The order for the call of Joseph out of the prison was not given when the throne meant for him has not been fully prepared by God; David was not called out of the wilderness where he was looking after the flocks, which was done by Prophet Samuel’s order, when the throne meant for him has not been fully prepared; Vashti (king Ahasuerus‘ wife) was not called to showcase her beauty when the feast had not got to the peak or when there was no feast; the Israelites were not called out of Egypt when the Canaan land meant for them had not been fully prepared.

Note that you’re only called upon when the entire invitees are set to welcome you on stage and celebrate your uniqueness (the invitees are the lives you’ve been appointed to bless or be blessed through you). The call of a guest speaker to the rostrum becomes irrelevant when there are no audiences to listen to him- the call from God signifies a prepared audience. Moses was called on mount Horeb to meet the needs of the Israelites; Jonah was called to meet the needs of the land of Nineveh. No birthday celebrant will be called to the dancing floor if it is yet prepared- the call of God connotes that you are a celebrant and the stage is already prepared and many are around to celebrate you.

Note that whenever you’re called by God, that is a signal that a new level of honour had been prepared for you.

Gideon was not called out of wine press when there is no honour meant for him yet; Jehu was not called out of the midst of other militaries during military mess by one of the sons of prophet to be anointed in the inner chamber as a king when no throne has been prepared for him. When you’re called by God to jettison a particular way of life, it’s because there is a great and an honour-full life prepared for you that he wants you to pick up.
The crown meant for a king is not the one to be prepared during or after the coronation process but the one that’s been prepared prior to the coronation process. God is on the look out for people to bring up stage to manifest the glory of his kingdom; whenever you’re called by the king (God), count it as a privilege to be honoured.
Vashti (the wife of king Ahasuerus) deprived the king of her presence when she was called upon to showcase the beauty of his kingdom through her unique features to everyone present in the feast. She was caught unaware that her relevance, honour, and prestige has a Royal attachment (I.e. her presence in the palace determines her honour) and because of this, she was evicted from the palace and her eviction was published round the entire provinces under his kingdom. Honour God in your areas of call before your shame is published round the whole earth.

Your relevance in the court of the Lord overtime is determined by your constant availability for his duty and not by your inexplicable facial beauty.

Vashti was bereaved of her royal honour, prestige and grace she daily enjoys. Note that your uncalled attitude to remorselessly disgrace the king (God) even in the presence of everyone (lives you are chosen for) present for the feast can make God to look for substitute; the king’s merriment cannot be ruined. She was evicted from the palace because of that singular act and the honour that daily comes to her from every quarter automatically ceased.



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