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No crop can germinate let alone produce fruits, even though it has a load of capability to accomplish that, if it is planted wrongly.
When you are not in your place (destined location), there is nothing you will do that will attract meaningful praise; almost everything you do will attract uncalled insult because almost everything you do will be difficult to please men. When a man is not in his position (destined location) he will never be seen as a solution but a problem or an inventor of problems. The honour/praise you long for is in your position (destined location) and not as a result of the sympathy men has on your condition.

The honour of a king cannot be accorded unto a man when he’s yet to ascend the throne, even though he comes from a royal family, the treatment given to him cannot be more than the one given to a man that just has a royal attachment unlike the one in position. If you have done what is right and what you get in return is insult, check your position (where you are).

No great crop planted on a barren land can yield the anticipated harvest, except by God’s intervention. A man’s little invested ability will successfully thrive (recognized, appreciated and rewarded) when he’s in the right position. The place or the position you are at every point in time can largely determine the kind/amount of unique results you command per time. When you mingle with the wrong person, every of your kindness towards them might be misinterpreted, taken for granted or be repayed with evil.

Despite the fact that the Israelites were serving the Egyptians with the whole of their strength, without complaining, compromising, taking any offence towards them or thinking evil towards them, the Egyptians still derived pleasure in making life difficult for them by killing their male children and multiplying their daily task thereby returning their kindness with evil because it’s high time they be moved to Canaan.

No success or greatness will be delivered to you cheaply or without stress when you’re not in your place or position; you might achieve success but with great rigour.
It’s very easy for the ‘family’ of Joseph to be moved to offence after the narration of his dream because his father’s house was not actually the place prepared for the full expression of his dream. Although, if he had stayed there, the dream may survive but might never succeed. The absolute rest you’re looking for is also waiting for you in your prepared position. It was very easy for Joseph’s little investment (Potiphar‘s house, Prison, and the interpretation of the King’s dream) to command great success (easily noticed) because the land was the prepared place for the manifestation and full expression of his destiny.

Note that destiny can become a burden when you’re not in your place (destined location).
Jonah took up a journey to tarshish when the lord sent him to Nineveh but because it wasn’t the place prepared for him by God, his journey became a catastrophe as it portends great danger and loss on lives and properties that were with him in the ship until he was removed from among them. When God orders a man on a mission, and he tried to play smart and go his own way, he’s only endangering lives around him even though he’s not concerned about his life.

Your place will show forth your praise and your position will proclaim your person; no man is announced as a king when he’s yet to ascend the throne. Until you find your place, you’re not entitled to any throne (rest) and a king without a throne is like a man without honour.

The ark of God that has always been the greatest solution in the time of need to the Israelites became a destructive ark in the camp of the enemy because it’s wrongly positioned; light and darkness cannot cohabit. Until you become the ark of God (container of God), you can’t be destructive or deadly in the camp of the enemy. When things are no more working, rather than complaining, ask God; if it is the devil, quickly rebuke, but if it is an instruction to move because it’s an expression of changes in season and location, don’t hesitate.



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