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The ceasing of manna in the wilderness signifies the need for the Israelites to move to their destined land. Your place (where God shows you as your destined place) might be bushy today but note that it will soon become a city and be busy with crowd if you can tarry. God only took you there because he anticipated the kind of crowd that will locate your place by the time you are proclaimed.

The Redeem camp where God put Pastor E.A. Adeboye was once a wilderness that no one wants to stay but because he was convinced by the word of God that it’s his destined place, and he patiently waited, today it’s a city and several people now wants to be identified with it.

Every man’s place is a place where all his God’s given abilities (whether known or unknown) will be relevant, recognised, celebrated and rewarded. Saul (the persecutor) served the Roman empire with the larger part of his life but the fulfilment of making a great name as intended was not delivered unto him until he found his place in the living God.

No square peg can fit into a round hole. Every blessing or goodness God has for you in life will never be deliverer to where you are (wish to be) but where God wants you to be (destined place/location) and if you’re not there, it means none of the blessings will materialize in your life. If you find your place in the will of God after several years of being away, you will observe that things will just start moving rapidly and you will be amazed at the seen improvements. It is not a magic but it is because those goodnesses had been deliverer there overtime prior to your arrival and you are reaping all together.

Peter never had a net-breaking harvest of fishes until he found his place in Jesus through the release of his boat.
Until Moses found his way to mount Horeb, God neither appeared to him nor empowered his rod to command unique results; until Joseph was thrown out of his father’s house to the strange land where he was meant to be, his dream never found an expression.

The death of Prophet Elisha caused by hunger would have been very cheap in spite of how mighty God had used him if he had failed to swiftly moved to the new location/position God had prepared for him when the brook ceased and the raven stopped bringing food. If he chose to start questioning God for having him moved to a mere widow’s house according to his word, he would have missed the provision made for him and if he had died of hunger, heaven wouldn’t have felt remorse but immediately replace him.

Every man’s allocation is waiting for them in their location and if man should miss his location, then, he will automatically miss his allocation. The daily food meant for fishes does come to them in the water because it’s their location but if a fish therefore dives out of water, it will not only miss its food but also suffer its existence to survive. It is very easy to put yourself in several unprecedented troubles when you’re not in your location.

Lot successfully put himself and his entire family in the risk of great loss because their living in Sodom and Gomorrah was a glaring miss of location but it seemed good to him to live there with his family because of the physical attraction of the land, but he ended up losing his entire property and even wife in the land.

Your position (where you are) has a great influence on your condition; if it is not your destined location, you can never experience any improved condition but if you are predestined to be there, you will daily have a reason to give thanks to God. The fact that things are not yet working as expected in the current place you are doesn’t automatically make it not to be your destined location; endeavour to ask God first why things are not working.

Every situation that struggles with others will cheaply submit themselves to your lordship when you are in the right location. The ability of a doctor or lawyer can only be best known and appreciated in their place of profession, otherwise, disheartening insult.



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