Fulfilling purpose through synergy

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Where there is no vision, people perish and where there are no people to run a vision, vision perishes. Emotional insecurity of many visionaries had made many conceptualized vision not to materialize. Many visions are not given to run alone except you want to drain your entire ability and still end up not fulfilling purpose.

Although, one person might go fast, but he might not go far but two will surely go far simply because they cannot both be discouraged simultaneously; one will always be a source of inspiration to the other.

Insecure leaders continually think of themselves first. They fear that they may look weak or foolish or insignificant. Insecure leaders take more from people than they give. Because they feel less, they seek validation more. John C. Maxwell

Until you know what you carry, you won’t excel because you won’t know how to present yourself or you won’t present yourself as somebody. Every vision is unique and a solution to a problem; if people fail to patronize you today, they will surely patronize you tomorrow. Many people fail in life not because they could not see themselves clearly but because they long to imitate other’s visions simply because they see it working.

A vision is a string of idea formed on the mind of people on how to make a better future.

Many visions cannot be single handedly financed by the visionary. Vision is a dropped idea about a projected future. There’s monopoly of idea. If you parade yourself to have a monopoly of idea about a phenomenon, it’s because you’ve not seen the phenomenon from other’s end or through other’s eyes and that’s a critical blind spot.
Until you hear from heaven, earth will never submit itself to you. The amount of success you command is dependent on the amount of information you receive from heaven. Note that the amount of information you receive from heaven hinges on the capacity of your spiritual antenna determined by your spiritual altar.
Many visions (not all) are from God (every vision from God does not come with fear but solution) and it involves a spiritual insight. It is usually released into the air and those that their spiritual antenna is well erected will be the ones to get the fact at the moment and that’s why many a time, you will observe that the kind of business you are ruminating upon but you delayed in its establishment, maybe because of insufficient finance, had been started by someone else somewhere and it’s as if your idea was duplicated. This happens only because he was also connected to the string of idea the moment it was released into the spiritual environment. If you don’t take advantage of time, time will take advantage of you.

No vision does manifest automatically or accidentally, proper alignment with a vision is the mother of its manifestation. Every vision is for an appointed time but note that the friction you are bound to experience in any vision without preparation can easily extinguish the zeal of the visionary. Bear in mind that diverse approach can be adopted by God in preparing man for his intended purpose- many a time, he can choose the path of affliction to prune man that he might fit in for his main intention.

Moses went through eighty years of unrelenting preparations before he could fit in for the purpose he’s been created for; Jesus went through several years of preparation in order to fit in for a three and half years mission and vision; the disciples tarried in the upper room for several days till they were fully kitted for purpose; David was prepared several years in the wilderness before he could fit into becoming a king.
A man is never too early when he’s expected; a vision is never too early to materialize when you are prepared for it.

No vision without an appropriate connection that will come to manifestation and bring about the anticipated glorification. When you don’t have the right connection for your vision, you will end up being frustrated. Even if there is a mighty flow of current in a cable and it’s not properly connected in the place where it’s meant to produce light, there won’t be any manifestation of light. Whenever devil wants to make a ministry difficult for a man of God, he chooses to make him have a mighty fold but will be dominated by the rebels. A leader whose interest in the welfare of his people are great will never have rest when his followers are going through challenges.



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