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Esther became great by abiding with her uncle; Moses could have been successfully killed before the time he died by stress in leading people and still judging them whenever there are issues among them if not for the advice of his father-in-law; Jethro. The conception of creating a man was not achieved through a singular effort but by the concerted effort of the tripartite being.

Every connection is a link between your current state and your desired state. Without the dying soldier among the enemy left beside the road, David might have found it difficult if not impossible, to unravel the secret of the hidden place of those that ransacked his city and enslaved his people before his arrival. Note that you might miss the appropriate connection needed to erect your vision if your thought is always being geared towards how you can get others to bless you and not how you can be a blessing to others.

The connection David needed to the hiding place of the enemies was actually by the roadside and gradually losing his breath and without resuscitation, the connection cannot be active. David could have chosen to neglect the dying soldier simply because he was in a hurry to overtake the enemy and recover his people and properties, but he was moved to assist the stranger first (solving his problem) without even knowing that he’s a prepared connection to recover his people.

Note that the connection you need for your vision might be cloaked in kindness. David got the connection he needed to the hiding place of the enemy through his kindness towards the dying soldier who was actually one of the people that ransacked their city; Joseph, through his kindness to his master, Potiphar, the chief butler and the chief baker, despite the fact that he was a slave boy, got the connection he needed to the palace. The widow whose children were taken away by the creditors of her husband was launched to the realm of unprecedented surplus via her connection with prophet Elisha through the offering of meal to the prophet.

No connection is expected to be manipulated to always be in your favour. This is only a way of parading yourself to be in need more than others when God has only seen you as the one through whom others will be blessed. Every connection to a vision is usually prepared by God and not by the reason of your persuasive communication. Every connection prepared by God will never make you feel remorse for the help they had rendered to you or put you in trouble.

Many people ended up in a wrong destination not because they do not have connections but because they had a wrong connection. Note that when you have a wrong connection, you will end up in a wrong destination. Ushai got connected to the ark of God wrongly, and he was remorselessly struck dead by the anger of God; Gehaz, also had a projected future of enjoying the reward of a great prophet like Elisha, but he got connected wrongly (through covetousness) because he had not earned it, but he wanted to receive it, and he ended up provoking a deadly disease upon himself. Annanias and Saphira also love to earn the praises of contributing their resources to the preaching and success of the gospel through the apostles, but they got connected wrongly and were struck dead because they lied to the holy spirit.

Beware of every connection that comes your way. Critically peruse them before you jump into them. Note that whenever any fake thing comes your way with a seductive act to gain your approval, the original is around the corner and once you approve the beautiful but fake offering, you automatically become unfit for the latter.

Before Eve was made for Adam, many animals were brought to Adam that he might see what he was going to call them, probably, he was going to find his better half among them but because he could discern none of them was meant to be for him, as the beauty of the animals doesn’t make them to portray the attitude of a human. And this move later made God to perform a surgical operation on him which led to the creation of Eve.



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