Earth- The Abode of the Kings

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Africa alongside every other continent of the world is never seen as the dumping site for useless creatures from God but resourceful ones. The entire earth is never seen as a dumping site for useless beings by God but a platform where resourceful people are brought to be used for the fulfilment of godly purposes and intentions.

Every godly Creation is good and beautifully made for purpose establishment. The reason you are on earth is that there’s a mission or purpose already made by God for you to fulfil. No being has been created by God to be a catastrophe to others on planet “Earth” except for the ones that have woefully failed to wholesomely align themselves with His will. Any error you make in aligning yourself with God’s will would not only leave a great effect on you but also your generation.

Many younger ones in your community are lackadaisical about doing something positive to improve or to make their lives better and you feel unconcerned about it but you rather devote immeasurable effort in actively training and building a future for your children alone but note that those young neighbouring children that you’ve failed to do something about will surely return to hunt after your children to make life difficult for them when your children become great; do something!

Every mortal being created by God is a born genius and never dullards but the only difference there is just that the event that will promote the ingenuity of individual person is always unique in terms of time, place and contents. The whole world is full of plethora of challenges and it is actively anticipating the arrival of solution bearers. There has always been an active proliferation in the multiplication of earth challenges and this also makes the urge to welcome the solution bearers to witness an equivalent progression. Note that the reason you find yourself on earth signifies that you posses some basic tools needed for the provision of the anticipated solutions to the earth challenges. It therefore means that you are not a wasteful creature dumped into your continent or nation; do not allow your current situation bereave you of how important you are in God’s agenda.

The earth is full of resourceful people, of which you are one, but the earth will never be a better place to live for creatures if we keep living a lackadaisical life- an animalistic life, rather than living a purposeful life or being a solution bearer, we would then become a problem initiator or facilitator.

There’s more to your life than operating within the limit of the scope of what your academic grades had created for you.

You are not an animal but god- any word of man used to bereave you of your identity in such a manner is never saying the truth about whom you are but you can tend to be animalistic in nature when you ignorantly or deliberately jettison the reasons for your creation because of your self-justifiable sentimental opinions. Animals and every other creatures were declared into existence except man.

Man was worked upon by God before he could come into existence (man is not an ordinary being). No man was created without God’s appelage except for the ones that have deliberately sold out their souls to the devil.
Nothing out of God’s creation was not good- God is a solution bearer, and he created a replica of himself because after man’s creation, at the opening of his eyes, the first being he saw was God and by this virtue, they became a container of God’s identity. Nobody can see God and remain the same or ordinary and that’s why every human being created by God is referred to as gods.

Moses saw God and no mortal being could behold his face at his arrival from the mountain; Prophet Isaiah saw the lord and his life took a new dimension. Mary (the mother of Jesus) saw God through the manifestation of the Angel and her womb became a channel through which God was conveyed to the midst of mortal creatures on earth. Solomon saw God after his unusual sacrifice, and he became a great king; John (the beloved) saw God, and he wrote about several unknowns that are still going to manifest on the latter-day.



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