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Trust: A neccessity for a successful relationship

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Any relationship that’s void of trust will surely end up in tears. Everyone deserves the best except you choose to live a conditioned life. Any lover that trust not their spouse will end up being hurt by almost every move of their spouse because they will always live in suspicion which can easily get the atmosphere of their relationship polluted with rancour.

Suspicion is a deadly destroyer to the blazing future of any relationship- any relationship that’s full of suspicion might find it difficult to metamorphose into achieving the envisaged glorious future.

Suspicion creates enmity; it can successfully chase away people that are to be attracted for greatness to be established.

It is very easy for everyone to be a noble suspect when the atmosphere is heavily polluted by the atoms of suspicion because there will be a conception that everyone might be harmful.

Trust is an unbroken confidence reposed in someone. It is not worth it to kick off any relationship (irrespective of the kind) when you are yet to ascertain the trust of the other party; don’t take your heart through unwarranted pain. Breach of trust causes disappointment I.e. you cannot be disappointed if someone you trusted either impliedly or expressly had not breached your trust.

Much disorderliness we can see in many homes today stemmed from nothing but a breach of trust. Devil does not need a strong weapon to destroy a blazing family but by just infecting the pillar upholding the family; trust. When trust disappears, love rapidly vapourizes into a thin air; trust precedes love, no love can stand the test of time in the absence of trust- it’s not real, it’s deception.

Any relationship that commences with kisses will end with kicks.

Note that the one you’re yet to ascertain their trust and you give them free access to start molesting your body will surely molest your life and destiny. Any relationship that commences with sex will end up in mess. Don’t test him/her if you don’t trust them; sex is never a way to test to ascertain their trust because it has an inexplicit soul attachment and it can become a deadly trap if it leads to the unwanted; pregnancy, then you will be lured into committing abortion which is a deadly offence in the holy court of heaven. Trust overrules fear in any relationship.

God does not test human before he trusted us, but he tests us because he trusted us. Our level of obedience makes him trust us. God trust Job, then, he allowed the devil to put him on a scale for assessment; the level God’s trust in Abraham made him to disclose the issue about the destruction that is to befall the city of Sodom and Gomorrah to him because he believes Abraham will teach his children the ways of the lord.

The affliction many people suffer in the world today is never caused by any devil but just the pained acquired from the breach of trust God has in them; no devil can easily access your life if you do not, by the breaching of God’s trust, break the shield over you which was created by trust. God can never bless you beyond your desire to promote his kingdom- God had practically blessed many people in time past with the hope that they were going to use it to propagate his kingdom, but they diverted it to their ways and God too, without reluctance, ceased the flow of the blessing because he was highly disappointed and instead of them to seek forgiveness, they derive pleasure in battling with the unseen enemies in prayer. Who can fight God and win?

If you must enjoy God, you must trust him irrespective of situations, times and seasons. Note that if you cannot trust God for your life, you cannot trust God for your home. When you do not trust God for your life, every move of God regarding your life will seem to mean a great disappointment to you because God might choose to act in contrary to your opinion in any situation you encounter.

Love is not blind: any love that claims to be blind is void of trust and such is only for material gains/selfish interest.

If you find it difficult to earn their trust, then, they do not worth your love- trust precedes love. Note that giving out your love to someone you do not earn their trust is nothing but a deliberate offering of your treasured but delicate organ to a deadly stranger and it will amount to nothing but allowing your heart to journey through the road you’re ignorant of and such can easily put you in trouble.

When trust is missing, secret becomes copious and lie becomes a great instrument needed to defend one’s stand in order to keep the secret hidden.

Before men can ascertain the credibility of human of their kind, they must organise some series of test and that’s why you can see even organisations seeking to employ workers administering series of test to discriminate between the good ones and the ‘not too good’ prospective workers.

Faith without a complete trust in God is just a mere buccal profession and such cannot bring result. Faith is trust and an absolute confidence in the unchangeable word of God. Even, when situation seems to go otherwise (not as expected), faith is trusting God for whom He is; that he’s God and not man. Men can disappoint (fail to fulfil their words) but God will never say anything he will not do except you fail to fulfil his conditions I.e. whatever he says is what he’s capable of doing.

Anyone you do not know is a stranger and you will surely find it difficult to entrust your valuables into their care because they can easily behave strangely anytime. Note that the reason you are yet to trust God is that you’re yet to know him intimately; personal encounter, and if you cannot trust him, then, you cannot receive any of his promises for your life. Until you know him personally, he owes you nothing; until you trust him wholly (not partly), he will not turn to you except he wants to embarrass you with the magnanimity of His awesomeness.



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