The Promise Land

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Every destination has a pathway. Every road leads somewhere but not all leads to your destination.
The promise land is a place of rest; it is a destined place for an unconstrained manifestation. It is worthy of note that things does not fall in place automatically in the promise land without any mortal input but it’s a place where purpose and goals are achieved without stress.

Every destiny has a destination, hence, the promise land. Any destiny that fails to get to the promise land can never have/enjoy absolute rest.

Every road has a destination but not all leads to the expected end; the promise land. If there is a destination for every destiny, then, there’s a pathway leading to the destination, therefore, if one must accurately fulfil destiny, one must make a critical effort in locating the way leading to one’s destination and passionately obey the guiding rules and regulation all through the journey to the place of fulfilment. Every other ways apart from the way will lead man to where he never envisaged or bargained for. Note that every road no matter how long or short it might be it has an end; destination.

If you miss your way, you will automatically miss your destination and if you miss your destination (the promise land), you have missed your place of destiny, manifestation, fulfilment, and absolute rest.

No man misses his way and gets to his destination.

Many ways might look straight and free of danger but if they are not the way prepared to get you to your destination (promise land), you will only end up in remorse. Note that if you journey through a road you have no knowledge about, it can easily put you in trouble.

Our destination (promise land) is different (uniquely made) although we might come from the same source (heaven), therefore, the road leading there is custom-made. Human beings are equal in all manners of creation but what makes them unique as a mortal being is the purpose for which they are created. Despite the fact that you have an explicitly expressibly mundane features, yet they have a celestial definition. The road leading to Onitsha from Abuja is not the same as the one leading to Lagos from Abuja; every destination has a custom-made way. If you fail to move at the speed of the light (revelation) of your way, you might end in a ditch.

Bridges are constructed based on the projected kind of vehicles that are to journey through it; rail tracks are constructed based on the projected weight of trains that are to journey through it and if the capacity or quality of the constructed bridges and rails tracks fall below the weight of any vehicles or train that journey through it, great lives and blazing destinies will be lost. Every road is usually constructed with a mindset of the weight vehicles that will ply the road.

God knows the gravity (weight) of your content before he created your pathway. Your pathway to the destination where destiny can fully manifest was carefully and judiciously made with specifications that accurately fit into the size and weight of the content of your person. God knows the gravity of your depositions even before you were created or born and he made preparations for it even before your arrival to planet ‘Earth.’ Stop comparing the weight of your depositions with others; following the pathway others journeyed through to fulfilment is a glaring way of juxtaposing your depositions with others. If you jettison your pathway (the way made for you), you risked your life and the existence on one hand and put your predestined audience in the danger of waiting for another prepared solution on the other hand.

There might be other ways, of a truth, but there is a reason God chose to take you through that pathway to your destination. Many people might go through the other way and succeed but because you’re not just like anyone but a creation with intention, therefore, if you imitate them, you automatically limit the impartation of your existence. There are better and danger-free roads God could have taken the Israelites through in the course of bringing them to their promised land, but he chose to make them go through the red sea and mountains because he needed to use the red sea to terminate the existence of their age-long adamant enemy, to prove himself as a mighty man in battle to the Israelites and also to use that as a lesson for thought to every other nations that might want to obstruct them on their way. God is not cruel.

There’s a reason God closed the womb of both Hannah and Elizabeth for many years. It’s because a great prophet (Samuel; who was the first prophet in the land of Israel) was about to be birthed forth and a mighty fore runner (for Jesus’ ministry) was about to be released, and they were both found worthy to be the carrier of their pregnancies. Several years back that God had made promise to Abraham about children, he has started working on the womb of Sarah and Abraham and the baby only came forth after he had finished working on them. God has a protocol that must be strictly adhered to if you must access the promise land except you care not about absolute rest.

Note that for you to successfully journey through the pathway to your destination, you need absolute trust, confidence and faith in God. Every pathway to fulfilment (promise land) is scary (under construction) and it can make you run away to try another pathway because it is an example of the valleys of the shadows of death but if you can obey the rules of God (the instructor on the pathway), he will guide you through.

If a heavy lorry journeys through a pathway/bridge made for pedestrians, it will not only endanger the load it’s carrying but can also end its own relevance because it can be wounded beyond repair. A motorcyclist might ride fast enough such that his movement even portrays a reckless riding simply because of the size and worth of the automobile and what it’s carrying but if a tanker driver whose vehicle is heavily loaded should imitate such a driving system, he will not only endanger lives around but also jeopardize the content he’s carrying to a known destination. The quality of the way you move the vehicle of your life on your pathway to the promise land (destination) is largely dependent on the perceived worth and gravity of your contents (depositions).



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