The Call and The Called

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What should determine your lifestyle is your call and not your condition. If your condition determines your lifestyle and not your call, you are finished. Every call has a custom-made path. Your call separates you from the crowd. Any lifestyle that antagonises your call can successfully annihilate your call.

Note that your relevance is rooted in your message and not your person and if your person has no anticipatory message to pass across, then it becomes irrelevant. Every call cuts the called from general and directs them to the specific. It saves them from going through the rigour of taking a simple random sampling of several alternatives but strictly directs their attentions to the reasons for their existence.

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No call without a message. Human beings are equal in all manners of creations but what makes them unique as a mortal being is the purpose they were created for. “Despite the fact that you have an explicitly mundane features, yet they all have a celestial definition.” It is not your person that will make your message known but your message will bring out your person to limelight. If you therefore have no message, then you might automatically suffer from irrelevance.

Every call creates a custom-made life for the called; any call that does not separate you from the world is not a call. Every call is set to move man from engagement to fulfilment; it takes man from where they are to where they belong. It is to redefine any life and focus i.e. to translate man from who they are to whom God wants them to be. No man is ever being called to be disgraced but that God might be glorified in them and that the blessing of the father might rest upon them. No man can be called and be hidden (be among the crowd) again except for the unanswered call.

Anybody can be called, including the bastards, but not everybody will be honoured. Every call is an invitation to subscribe to the will of God as at that point in time; it is a kingdom recruitment process and whosoever answers the call shall be honoured. Everybody can be called but not all will be chosen; it takes persistent obedience and observations of all the requirements on the pathway of being a called to be translated to becoming a chosen.

Conformity is dominant in the nature of every man. If you’re not called, becoming what you’re created for will be difficult. Moses had succumbed on himself and all he could do was to run away after the killing of the Egyptian that was maltreating one of the Hebrews. But the moment the call of God came to him that his purpose of creation was nothing other than to deliver the people of God from the hands of their adversaries, the zeal to swing into action was immediately ignited in him and it was confirmed with signs and wonders; the rod. Jehu was brought out of the midst of other militaries during military mess by the call of the servant of God to fulfil purpose. Gideon was called out of the wine press to become a great man; Samuel was called, even at a tender age, and he became a great prophet; Saul (that changed to Paul) was called, and he became a great apostle.

Note that every call of God is to make man commands a newer and a greater level of exploit. Your call will make what other find difficult and impossible to become pleasing and enjoyable to you. Every call gives a command for a purpose. Note that any journey He does not command (marriage, business, travelling etc.) He will never give power to fulfil or succeed in it. When a call comes from God to give your resources to propagate his kingdom, it’s a privilege to bless you immensely. The widow gave the food left for her and her child to the prophet (Elijah) and they were blessed in multiple fold; the lad gave his five loaves of bread and two fishes, and he got twelve baskets in return; Peter gave his boat for Jesus’ service, and he had a net-breaking catch that same day.
When there is a call from God to give your soul (life) to him, it’s a privilege not to make your life end in this miserable world but to give you eternal life in return. If God calls to make you have his heritage (children) in your custody, it’s a moment God is bent on increasing your joy and to make you not to be ashamed but to speak with the enemies in the gate.

Every answered call changes the stature and status of the called.
A problem in your life should not draw you away from God but rather draw you closer to God. You shouldn’t wait long for something and still fail to get the best (original). The manifestation of challenges in your life signifies the need to be closer to God.

No man can be called a chosen when God had not ascertained a meaningful level of trust in him. A chosen has grown to the level of being a son and the father can uncontrollably and without reluctance divulge every hidden truths to him. He graciously saved you to serve him. Note that every answered call gives you access to the special seat (honour) reserves for you.

Your call defines your person; it defines your choice, your way of life and your message. Honesty is doing what is right, even when you’re not being watched. Man can be easily deceived but not God. No man is called by man of his kind but God, therefore, anything done both in the secrets and open is accurately recorded in the holy court of heaven. It is not worth it that men should applaud you while God avoid you.



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