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Any fish that dives out of water will struggle for survival; when a soldier ant forsake the company of others, it will be easily and successfully attacked by other creatures. A man of God that deserts or dive out of his standard of creation will not only struggle for success but also for survival.

A knife might break wood but it will consume much energy and time; an axe might pieces clothes but it will involve a rigorous process, so also is any man, no matter how mighty they are, if they live outside the standard of their creation, they will struggle for fulfilment. Nothing is irreversible for God except in his absence because the presence of God changes everything.

If you want to easily know the weakness of a man f God, let him go to where God has not sent him.
Overconfidence in the knowledge about likely outcomes of an event and the alternative causes of actions has made many to rapidly overlook the importance of God in their lives and pursuits. No matter how knowledgeable you might seem to be about any pursuit, note that there are always possibilities of intervening variables (unprecedented events) intercepting your path but with the company of God, victory is certain.

You are too small to provide for yourself. No man is sufficient to provide for himself until he looks unto God except he wants struggling to terminate his life at a very tender age. God has the best for every of his creature, but he does not deliver it to them on a platter of gold- every good you receive from God is with a commitment i.e. sacrifice or fulfilment of His conditions.

Every contract is made up of provisions and conditions and without an absolute fulfilment of the conditions, no provision will be made available. Everybody loves to receive the provisions of the covenant of blessing, but they find it difficult to abide by the conditions. For every promise land, there’s a wilderness; for every blazing destiny, there are lots of devouring temptation. Most desirous carnivorous animals do not feed on dead animals but animals with fresh blood and possess lives- animals that are capable of procreating. Bear in mind that God will never show you the wilderness and temptations standing between you and the promise land, but he will only show you the promise land.

Stop complaining about your challenges, there are some hidden challenges you must encounter before you can access your promise land; no destination without a road path. Every road leads somewhere but not all leads to your destination. The promise land is full of life that can make one’s sojourning in life an epitome of paradise on earth but the problem is that any weapon in the hand of an untrained soldier can be easily misused.

Every gap (events) between man and his promise land is not to deliberately punish him like a thief but to bring him through the process needed into fulfilling the conditions to entering and enjoying the ‘goods’ of the land. No gold can effectively shine to reflect its beauty until the shafts have been totally removed. When the shaft is removed, what remains are the original. In order to enjoy the full rest of the lord, then, anything that can antagonize the full manifestation of His glory must he removed. Note that the Israelites never entered into their promise land but rather kept going about in the wilderness until the entire shafts among them have been removed. Abraham never enjoyed the fullness of the blessings of God as promised until the entire shafts in his life, family and around him has been removed.

All through the moment Hagai and Lot were with Abraham, God refused to speak with Abraham as expected but the moment they departed, the manifestation of promises became glaring. If God shows you a glorious future and it’s practically becoming impossible to achieve, examine yourself, there might still be some shafts you’re holding unto that you’re to do away with. You cannot get what you deserve if you fail to release what you’re to let go. No devil is strong enough to stop your glory from manifesting except you choose to. When you hear God on a particular issue, take a prompt obedience. Righteousness is prompt obedience to the word of God.

If God says ‘I will do a new thing’ and you’re not getting it as at when due, note that it might be that you’re yet to fulfil his conditions; a disobedient child can never receive the blessing of His father except he forsakes his ways and pick up the ones his father loves. You cannot go higher when your responsibilities are not higher, it will amount to pride. Blessings in the hand of God are too costly, therefore, he does not waste it. Bear in mind that disobedience can make God powerless over you in spite of his indescribable power.

Don’t look down on sin; no man is too small or big to fall. Sin can make a glorious destiny become a history when the carrier is still living. You cannot keep looking back and forward and finish your race as a winner. If you keep complaining about your past, you cannot male effort to attain the future prepared for you.



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